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Review: Hard to Handle

Hard to Handle Hard to Handle by K. Bromberg
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

K. Bromberg is an author whose name I regularly see, an author with a lot of followers, and I’ve been curious for a long time. With Hard to Handle, my introduction to the author’s work, I can see the reason for the large following even though I was not completely won over by this one.

Hard to Handle certainly had me hooked throughout. I was invested and curious to see how things came together and had a lot of hopes for what would occur. Although I found this one addictive, I never quite felt the connection I had hoped for. There were a lot of things in this one that could have broke my heart, plenty of emotion I should have felt, but these things did not hit me as hard as I had hoped they would.

Hard to Handle was an addictive read, it certainly has me curious about the rest of the series, but it wasn’t quite all I had expected it to be.

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Review: Bears Behaving Badly

Bears Behaving Badly Bears Behaving Badly by MaryJanice Davidson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bears Behaving Badly is the first book in MaryJanice Davidson’s BeWere My Heart series, and it was an insanely addictive read. In fact, I adored this one and cannot wait to get my hands on more.

At first, I was a wee bit tentative about this one. I feared it was going to be one of those books that tried too hard to be funny, and I worried it would ruin the story. Fortunately, I found this one hilarious and was happy with the way the humour and the story played together. The characters were adorable, the storyline was gripping, and it kept me entertained throughout.

Add in the fact this one included some unique elements to the shifter mythology, and I was super invested in the world. There is so much I want to find out more about, plenty of characters I want to see more of, and I’m eager to dive into the next book.

Without a doubt, this was a great start to the BeWere My Heart series.

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Release Blitz: Thank You, Next Chapter.

Title: Thank You, Next Chapter
Author: Cassie Graham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: July 3, 2020


In Paris, he was abandoned as she created a masterpiece.
In New Mexico, she found inspiration all while he couldn’t write a single lyric.
In New York, he was given an ultimatum just as she ignored her agent’s emails.
In Colorado, everything changed.

Zona Carver finds inspiration for her novels in unlikely places, but when she decides to go see Sebastian March in concert, she doesn’t expect to inspire him. On a whim, he asks her to go on tour, but Zona has a complicated past with the music business and returning to her old life leaves her feeling uncertain.

Before she can worry about the consequences of her actions, she’s packing up her entire life and hopping on a bus with Sebastian.

City by city, words are written, and memories are made, but the past has a pesky way of catching up to you.

What happens on the road, doesn’t always stay there, and hopefully they can survive the wild ride.

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Sebastian clutched my hand with a tougher grip, his concerned eyes turning a deeper shade of brown, nearly onyx. “Your bravery astounds me.”
My eyebrows crinkled and I looked into his eyes, searching for his own lie, but I came up short. “I’m not brave, Sebastian.”
He scoffed, his other hand settling on my hip. The air around us grew dense with electricity, nearly suffocating me.
The euphoria from standing up to Lana and the passionate gaze coming from Sebastian nearly sucked the life from my insides. I reveled in it.
He released one of my hands and slowly reached for me, his fingers lightly tracing my jaw. “You have no idea the impact you have.” He stared intently at my neck, his eyes opening wide as I swallowed. His teeth bit at the inside of his cheek just as his grip landed on my shoulder – kneading his fingers into my goose bumped skin. “Please don’t question your bravery.”
I sucked in a breath, the release shaky.
His face inched closer to me, his minty exhale cascading over my face. Suddenly, I was grossly aware of our closeness and the fact that I didn’t want to push him away. I wanted him closer. Needed him to touch me.
The hand on my shoulder moved to the side of my neck, his strong, calloused fingers tangling in my curly hair. Air entered my lungs in short bursts, and I hoped he didn’t notice.
Trailing my open hand up his arm, the veins and muscles contracted under my touch.
“Stop me, Zona,” he breathed, his lips ghosting the skin near my earlobe.
I shook my head, tilting back to give him better access to whatever he wanted.
Stop him? There was a chance I was going to forget how to breathe. It felt as if all of our quiet moments had led up to this one. It felt out-of-the-blue and so incredibly right.
He snickered, the small puffs of air escaping his mouth jolting me slightly.
I clung to him, yearning for the smallest touch.
“Good,” he said, right before he pulled me close, his lips barely touching my skin.

Author Bio

A chocolate mistress, Cassie Graham is a born and raised Arizona girl. Her sass knows no bounds and almost always has something kind to say, no matter the situation. She runs a platform of love and strives to bring those attributes out in every book she writes.

She started writing early in her high school career after an English teacher forced her to write in a journal. Four years and thirty-something notebooks full of words later, she found her passion.

If Cassie isn't shoulder-deep in writing a version of a fairytale, you can find her front porch sitting with her husband and daughter, eating all the bread, gossiping with her best friends, visiting Disneyland, supporting strong women, listening to cheesy music and reading great books by amazing people. She loves binge-watching Supernatural, drooling over Dean, Sam and Cas, and going to conventions. She also enjoys spreading love any chance she can. So, if you run into her, give her a hug or a high-five. She guarantees they're magic.

Author of Unable to Resist, Anyone But Him, The Truth of a Liar, Enchanting Wilder, Surviving Wilder, Who Needs Air, The Girl Behind the Red Door and Maybe Ever After.

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Release Blitz: Drowning.

Title: Drowning
Author: Hope Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 2, 2020


Imagine orchestrating your divorce under false pretenses.

That's precisely what Cecilia Topps did. After receiving a disturbing diagnosis, Cecilia felt like she was drowning, unable to take a breath. She didn't want to bring her husband down with her, so she created a damaging lie.

Cameron Topps had been going through the motions for seven years. The betrayal he felt from his wife left him numb and unable to love again. His indifference led to hatred when he walked into his bar, seeing his wife again after unknowingly hiring her.

Secrets are exposed, lines are crossed, and Cameron finally learns the truth about his divorce. Is he willing to drown with Cecilia all over again, or will he move on for good?

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“I’m sorry.” My words were muffled by the hiccup of tears and snot running down my face. I tilted my eyes down. I couldn’t look at him. My poor, sweet Cam. He would never forgive me. I knew this. It was what I wanted. 
I wanted—no, needed him to walk out our front door and not look back. I needed him to hate me. 
“You’re sorry? That’s what you have to say?” He was calm, so damn calm it physically made me sick. I knew it was because he was hurting. I knew that hurt was eating him alive. 
I couldn’t say anything past the lump in my throat, so I nodded instead.
Cam looked at me, looked through me and for a moment, I was worried he would see that I was lying and try to demand the truth from me. I would deny it. I didn’t want him to know the truth. I wanted him to think I had done the unthinkable, done something he’d never be able to get over. 
My beautiful, broken husband stared into my eyes for two solid minutes without flinching. He said absolutely nothing. His gaze flitted between both of my eyes, then down to my nose, my lips, lingering there, then finally back to my eyes. I bit my lip nervously, waiting for him to say “Ah-ha” and catch me in my lie. 
Cam never did, though. I wasn’t going to deny it made me a little upset that he didn’t know me well enough to know I was lying. I wanted to take back the words that had left my mouth five minutes ago. I wanted to take back the entire day, but it wasn’t possible, and I needed to accept what my new life was going to look like. 
“I can’t even look at you,” Cam muttered, turning away from me. I caught the curled lip and glare on his face before his back was facing me. Hurt so strong filled my chest and made it feel like it would explode and not in a good way. 
God, the pain was so bad. 
I had to rub my chest, right above my heart, but it didn’t ease the ache I had put there. 
Cameron, the man I had married two years ago, grabbed his coat off the hook in the foyer and opened the front door. He turned around, glancing at me one last time. That last time was enough to make a sob escape my throat. He had a single tear running down his face then splashing on his broad shoulders. 
I had never seen him cry before. Not when his mother died, not when we had to put down our first dog, and not when we had gotten married. Never. That lonely tear trekking down his cheek broke me and I knew, down in my bones, I would never be the same after putting that tear there. 
I didn’t speak a word and Cam walked out, slamming the door behind him, making me jump. I finally crumpled, falling into the fetal position on the couch and crying until I couldn’t breathe. I had done this to myself. I knew it had to be done, but that didn’t make it easier. 
Two hours later, he hadn’t come back and I knew he wasn’t going to. He wouldn’t come back until he knew I was gone. I had packed the majority of my stuff, placing the few boxes in my small car. I only took my clothes. I didn’t feel right taking anything we had gotten together when we moved into this house. 
Glancing around the place I had shared with my husband for the last year, I felt a level of sadness that I didn’t know I would continue to feel for six months. It settled over my shoulder like a blanket, except it was cold—a cold blanket of nastiness. 
At least that blanket wouldn’t be wrapped around Cameron. He didn’t deserve that. 
I fired off a text to him, locked our front door and left the key on the porch, then backed my car out of our driveway for the last time. 
Me: I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I love you and always will. 
I didn’t speak to Cameron again until two months later after a stranger showed up on my doorstep serving me with divorce papers. I could have let those papers kill me, but I knew it was Cameron’s best chance at a decent life, so I went to the court dates. I didn’t fight him. He petitioned for everything except my car. I gave him everything. That’s what he deserved. 

Author Bio

Hope Jones is the wife of her very own alpha male and the mother of four beautiful daughters. She lives in a small town in South Carolina, but was born in Brunswick, GA. She's always had a love for reading, even at a young age thrillers always interested her. As she got older, romance mixed with some thriller/suspense became her obsession.

If you can't find Hope glued to her Kindle, you'll usually find her chasing her girls around, running her hectic household, and plotting stories for the alpha men that have taken over her mind.

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Release Blitz: Vengeance Executed.

Title: Vengeance Executed
Series: Vengeance Trilogy #2
Author: Zoey Indiana
Genre: Dystopian/Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: July 1, 2020


Saving the world is much harder when you shouldn't exist.

Freya is the closest kept secret in the government. Her psychic powers alone strike fear into her superiors. Working as a double agent for the Resistance, she must devise a plan to destabilize the government that has her under constant supervision, as well as every other citizen.

As one of only three living men, Bash is her unlikely accomplice. Behind the scenes, he is the deadliest hacker that has ever worked for the Resistance. Determined to overthrow the government that made his gender illegal, he won't stop until the Dystopia is destroyed.

When an ARI spy manages to locate their headquarters, both of them must find a way to keep the existence of men a secret.

If you love badass heroines, bearded men, and sizzling romance that will keep you up all night long… Join the Resistance and download Vengeance Executed today!

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"I can't get over how big this place is." Tris'Tyn's voice broke Bash's sexual fantasy starring Freya.
"It's huge, so large that you're not sure how to deal with all of it." A grin flashed on Freya's face. Bash scowled at her choice of words as memories of the first time they made love surfaced. She'd never seen one in person before and worried he wouldn't fit. He'd proven that theory wrong.
"It's nothing like the Resistance camp I came from."
"That's because they weren't the Resistance." Bash growled as he raised an eyebrow at Freya.
"I meant to ask what you meant by the 'real Resistance'." Tris'Tyn's gaze bounced to her.
"You don't have to worry about that anymore. You're with us now and soon we'll strike the final blow to ARI and the Sovereign. Then everyone will be free." Nova interjected with a glare at both Freya and him. Busted. 
After Tris'Tyn and Nova got off the lift, Freya grinned at him. When she straightened from the wall as the doors opened at their stop, Bash swooped her up into his arms then tossed her over his shoulder. It brought back memories of the first time he'd done it at the safe house where they'd stayed right after they met.
"Are you serious right now?" Her fists pounded against his back.
"Sorry, not sorry." He didn't hold back the laugh. "But if you want to give me a massage, my lower back is a bit tight."
She slapped his ass before giving in. Just like last time, there was only so far she could go without hurting him and he knew she wouldn't risk that.
Placing his hand against the wall to reveal the bioscanner, he remembered it was unnecessary. All he had to do now was imagine the door opening and his nanites used the wireless communication system to pass the security codes and open the door. Another thought sealed the door as he tossed Freya on the bed.
Scrambling to sit up, she glared at him. "Was that really necessary?"
"Not in the slightest, but it was fun.

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Coming Soon

Releasing May 1, 2021
(Or earlier!)


Author Bio

Zoey Indiana was inspired by the idea that everyone deserves love and their own happily ever after, she loves to write about heroic heroines who go on amazing adventures while finding the love they deserve. After creating her first fictional planet where amazing creatures roamed at age ten, she was determined to prove love could be found in the stars. In addition to writing, she listens to eclectic music, practices Krav Maga, and takes on home improvement projects just for the fun of it. 

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Release Blitz: Hard to Handle.

Hard to Handle, book one in the Play Hard series, an all new series of standalone books by New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, is LIVE!

At first, the request seemed simple—sign a new athlete to the agency. Then I found out the new athlete was none other than the most wanted man in hockey today: Hunter Maddox

Gifted. Sexy. At the top of his game. And the only man who has ever broken my heart. If signing him will help save our family business, I’ll swallow my pride and do what’s asked.

But when it becomes clear his uncharacteristic antics off the ice are a hint of something deeper, keeping things strictly professional between us becomes more than complicated.

But I know better than to cross that line.

I’ll never date a client. Not even for him.

*** Win the Stanley Cup and do it before time runs out.

Not a small feat, but it’s what’s motivated me since the start of my career.

And time is running out.

Enter Dekker Kincade.

Feisty. Dogged. Damn gorgeous. The one I let get away.

I have no idea why she’s traveling with the team, but hell if resisting her is going to be easy.

But I have a job to do, and I refuse to lose sight of that end game. Even if she confuses me. Even if she sees parts of me I’ve hidden from the world.

I can’t lose focus. Not even for her.

Download today! Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: Apple Books: Nook: Kobo: Google Play: Goodreads:

Meet K. Bromberg:

New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary romance novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines and damaged heroes who we love to hate but can’t help to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow and her mind scattered in too many different directions.

Since publishing her first book on a whim in 2013, Kristy has sold over one and a half million copies of her books across eighteen different countries and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over thirty times. Her Driven trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed) is currently being adapted for film by the streaming platform, Passionflix, with the first movie (Driven) out now.

With her imagination always in overdrive, she is currently scheming, plotting, and swooning over her latest hero. You can find out more about him or chat with Kristy on any of her social media accounts.

Connect with K. Bromberg:

Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Twitter: Bookbub: Website: Subscribe to her newsletter:

Review: Seducing the Enemy

Seducing the Enemy Seducing the Enemy by Shayla Black
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shayla Black is a name I have often seen, but it took a while for me to finally pick up one of her books. After doing so, I was annoyed with myself for taking so long. I adored it, and I was eager for more. Thus, I was happy to dive into Seducing the Enemy.

I’m going to be honest and say I’m extremely picky when it comes to short stories. I find myself setting higher standards, as I need to be wowed in such a short space of time, and there are few authors whose short stories I will regularly return to. Despite this, I was willing to give Seducing the Enemy a try – not only did I want more Shayla Black, this one sounded super interesting.

I’m sure many will enjoy Seducing the Enemy, but this one didn’t work for me. I wanted more depth to this one, I wanted to understand things better than I did, and I wanted to feel something. I just wanted more in general.

I will probably give another Shayla Black short story a read, just to see if this was a one off, but for the most part, I’ll be sticking to the author’s full-length novels.

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