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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Review: Blade of Forever

Blade of Forever Blade of Forever by Scarlett Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blade of Forever was my first Scarlett Dawn read, and I had so much fun with it.

I came to this story through The Complex series. I recently read Halcyon by Demelza Carlton and wanted to read more of the series, thus when I found out the author was looking for more reviews for Blade of Forever I jumped at the chance. Despite having only read two of the books, The Complex series is proving to be thoroughly intriguing, and I’m more than happy to read each and every one of them.

For me, my only real problem with Blade of Forever is that I wanted it to be longer. It was a wonderful little story, but I was left wanting so much more. It gave so much, and yet the story was over so quickly. Had it been a longer story, it could have given us even more of the many wonderful aspects that were given throughout.

What were these wonderful aspects? First, amusement: we’re given numerous amusing scenes, many snarky characters, and general entertaining moments. Second, great characters: the characters are entertaining, not only because of their voices and actions, but also because of their interactions and how easily they come to life. Third, romance: whilst everything happened rather quickly, the romance was a lot of fun to watch – whilst it’s something that has been done many times before, it is one of those storylines that always work if you change it just the slightly. Fourth, world building: this really sets up the series, giving us a quick insight into what can be expected of The Complex series, although I did wish for a little bit more (which links back to how I had wanted the story to be longer). Fifth, storytelling: the story was simple, yet elegant, pulling us in throughout and ensuring the story kept us engaged. All in all, it was all you could hope for from such a quick read.

I do have two points to make, though. First, I expected the giants to be… well, more giant. When I think of giants I think of building sized creatures, which is not quite what we’re given with this one. Their size does play in with the story, but I really had expected much larger beasts. Second, the steamy part didn’t quite reach my expectation. Yes, it was a lot of fun, but other reviews had me believing it would be something much steamier than it was. Such isn’t a bad thing, I just thought I’d point it out: the steamy aspect is short and to the point, it’s not something that has a hold throughout the entire story.

Overall, it was a brilliant read. Without a doubt, I’ll be reading more of the author and The Complex series.

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