Friday 12 March 2021

Review: Love and Other Moods

Love and Other Moods Love and Other Moods by Crystal Z. Lee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Crystal Z. Lee’s debut novel, Love and Other Moods, was a book that had me curious to see how everything came together. It was a story that had ups and downs, one that had plenty packed into the pages, and my feelings toward this one were mixed. There were some elements I really enjoyed, but there were other details that didn’t quite work for me.

Love and Other Moods encompassed a lot, taking the reader on a journey through a culture that does not get the attention it deserves. It is enlightening and offers more than just a story of two people falling in love. It shows the difficulties that can be faced throughout life, the journeys people can take at any point in their life, showing how love – and not just the romantic sort – can help a person to overcome much of what is thrown their way. It is a story that spans years, covering many details, and taking the reader on a journey that leaves them desperate for a happily ever after.

All in all, Love and Other Moods was an addictive read. Although there were some details that I didn’t adore in the way I had hoped, the story kept me more than curious throughout.

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