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Release Boost: Unwanted.

Title: Unwanted
Author: Leigh Lennon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2018



A baby is all I've ever wanted.
After almost dying on the operating table,
I despise everything about motherhood,
especially the little girl I brought into this world.
It makes me sound awful; hell; I am awful.
How can I make myself fall in love with a baby
I feel no attachment to?


I don’t recognize my wife anymore.
When I thought I might lose Emma during our baby’s delivery;
she survived only to reject the baby I love so much.
When I hold this baby, I fully understand unconditional love.
How do I make the woman I love want this little girl I would move heaven and earth for.

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I open the door to the guest quarters where we are staying this weekend, and I don’t see him, but his luggage is in the middle of the little apartment. I hear the faucet in the bathroom turn on, then off. The door opens, and out walks my Tyler. He seems to have gained a touch of weight, but it looks good on him, and his hair is very short. His eyes meet mine, and he stops in front of his luggage. He comes to me, but it only takes me a second until I kick the door shut and take off my shirt and he has my bra unlatched.

I don’t say a word to him, and only crash my mouth to his, while I unbuckle the belt on his jeans. Within record time, his pants are off, and his large hands are around me, cupping my ass. He has always been an ass man, but when he trails his fingertips down my back, massaging my butt slow and deep, my core is instantly wet. I need to feel him inside me, and we still have not talked. I pull back and say, “Hi, you.” With a big smile, I move his one hand to the front of me, giving him access to my pussy. As much as he loves my ass, he loves my pussy too. He falls to his knees, looking up at me.

“Hi, to you too,” he says as his mouth finds its way to my core. I’m so wet that all he has to do is touch my inner folds with his tongue and I could cream on him. My hands find their way to his dark hair, and I’m rubbing his head, moaning. “Fuck, Ems. You are so wet.”

“What can I say, I fucking missed you. I won’t last long, Ty. Make me come and do it now.” He always loved my bossiness, and it doesn’t seem to have changed. His tongue works its way, circling my clit, and I’m glad he has not forgotten what makes me hot and bothered. It takes less than thirty seconds, and I hold onto him for dear life as my entire body spasms. “Fuck, Ty. I missed your tongue.”

Standing up, he crashes his lips to mine, and when his tongue collides with me, I can taste myself on him. “I fucking taste great,” I say.

“Yes, you do.” He agrees with me, taking my hand as we find our way to the bedroom. Pulling the blankets back, he places me on the bed, sliding in next to me. “As much as I need to be in you, Ems, I need to take you in.” Settling under the blankets, he pulls them back again as he searches my body up and down. “I want to sit here, holding you for now.”

“Okay, I can agree with that.” With a mischievous look on my face, I continue, “Your dick had better be inside me in the next ten minutes.”

He wears a cheesy smile while I ask, “What?”

“I missed your bossy little mouth more than I can tell you.” He’s pulling my hair back, looking at me intently as if his gaze would burn a hole in my soul. “Shit, Ems, I knew I missed you, but it all hit me right now how incomplete my life is without you.” Placing his hand on my cheek, he strokes my face gently. “Babe, you look good. I mean, I see a little of my old Ems in you right now, and it gives me hope.”

Rising on my elbow and placing my hand on his chest, I feel a tear run down my cheek. “Fuck, Ty, I’m so sorry. I mean, why are you still with me after all the shit I pulled? I put you through so much and here you are.”

“Ems, I would walk over broken glass for you. Don’t you know that by now?” he asks, kissing my forehead. Tyler pulls me close. “Ems, our problems will still find us tomorrow, but for now, all I want is to make love to my wife.” He is right, and for that very reason, we fall onto the bed, in a tangled heap, as he ravages my entire body.


Emma’s hand finds mine, leading me to our bedroom. She hasn’t initiated any affection toward me in a long time. More so, her touch stops me. It is the gentle Emma touch I fell in love with years ago. Turning to her as we enter our room, I see something in her eyes that I haven’t seen in ages. “Ems?” I ask as I desperately want to touch her too. Fuck, do I want to touch her.

“Ty,” is all she says to give me the permission I need; by the way her eyes water and her mouth shows just a hint of a smile, one that has been missing from my wife’s face forever, and I melt. It is less than a second, if that, before I crash my mouth to hers. Her hand instantly finds my hardness, and without thinking, I grab her as she wraps her legs around my waist. “Ty, I need you.”

She takes the words out of my mouth because at this very moment, I have not needed anything as much as I do her now. Once we are wrapped in each other’s arms, the postpartum, the guilt she feels with Aspen, the attempted suicide, the fact she’s leaving for LA soon—it all fades away.

I place her gently on her back. Crawling onto the bed, I straddle her, taking in the sight of my wife. Over the years, her almost raven-colored hair has become a touch lighter, her deep jet black eyes still captivate me, but it is her smile, the way she tweaks her mouth just enough to look both fucking sexy and innocent all at the same time. In her smile, I can forget everything that is against us. Right now, all the shit we have in our past and ahead of us fades, and I’m left with only my wife.

“Ems, I have fucking missed you so much! You are my world.”

“Ty, I’m so sorry.” Hell, now she’s crying. I can’t have that ruining this moment, when the same Emma I fell in love with years ago is back with me.

“Shh, babe, I’m here. I’m yours. I’m going nowhere. See, as much as you have tried to push me away, I’m here.”

Again, she smiles, and this time, when it reaches her eyes, I’m a goner. The things she can do to my heart and, well, other parts of my body leave me speechless. I push her hair out of her eyes and kiss every part of her face, wiping away the tears. After that, I need to be inside of her and have the urge to take Emma roughly. And though I know she loves it when I ravage her, taking her deep and hard, she needs soft and sweet right now.

Standing up briefly, I yank her yoga pants off her while she tries to take care of her shirt and bra. Stopping her, I simply say, “I want to soak in every moment, Ems. Let me do that.” Again, she smiles at me, and my heart is truly hers again. Not that I ever wanted to admit defeat with us, but she’s giving me a glimmer of hope, one I haven’t had since Aspen was born.

I bring Emma up to me and pull her simple black top over her head and reach behind her to unclasp her bra in one fluid motion, something I have been known for. She laughs. “You haven’t lost your move, there, buddy,” she says with a bit of a flirt in her voice. The rasp in her tone is exactly how I remember her when she’s turned on. Oh, how I have missed that rasp.

“Never, babe,” I say as I urgently undress. But she stands, taking control. She slowly unbuckles my belt. Taking it from the loops very slowly, she draws out the need and the desire I have to plunge into my wife right now. But I give her this control. She needs something that is hers. As she reveals my skin millimeter by millimeter, her smile grows.

“Fuck, Ty, your body is like that of an Olympic god.” She has used this little tagline for as long as I can remember. The rasp of her voice causes my dick to stir. It has a mind of its own, and like me, Emma owns it.

I push her back gently and crawl on top of her now that both of us are naked.

Taking her large D cup boobs in my mouth, I massage the nipple with my tongue as a slight moan escapes from her. Wow, I’m turned on when I massage the other nipple with my hand, squeezing the tit with my fingers. Her hand moves to my erection, pumping it the way I like.

Before she can demand entrance, I drop my head between her legs and open those sweet lips. My head finds its way to her wet pussy, and my tongue finds that sweet spot only I know when it comes to my Emma. She starts to writhe, but the second my free hand touches her stomach, she calms at my touch, allowing her the ability to enjoy the upcoming orgasm. The more I work her clit with my tongue, the more I can feel her release building. In a matter of seconds, she’s pushed over the edge and comes all over my face. I can’t help but lap up every drop of her.

I don’t give her any time to think, though, as now I’m in front of her face. Her greedy little pussy is waiting for my entrance, and I don’t disappoint. I ram into her hard, and she smiles that sexy fucking smile again, but then I slow. I want to relish every little movement I make inside her.

Looking deep into the black irises of hers, I realize I love her more, more than I care to admit and more than I ever thought possible. This time, Emma has given me hope.

Now that we are finally together after our time apart, we move in motion as if we were never apart. I grab her face, moving slowly and methodically, relishing every second I’m with my wife. I make her look in my eyes, and I continue to soak her in and burn this to memory.

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Author Bio

Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.

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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Review: Hold on Tight

Hold on Tight Hold on Tight by J. Kenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hold on Tight is the second book in J. Kenner’s Man of the Month series, and it’s even more fun than the first book. After finishing book one, Down on Me, I was excited for more. I was convinced this would be a collection of novels that would bring so much fun – and this book has only solidified my feelings.

The Man of the Month series is a collection of interconnected romance stories, proving favourites as a larger story plays out. Each novel features a favourite romance trope, ensuring there is something for everyone. The first book, Down on Me, provided us with the friends-to-lovers trope; this second book, Hold on Tight, provides us with the second chance romance. Although each book is an individual story with a start and an end, I would recommend reading these books in order. To understand some of the details of the story in full, you need to understand how things came to be throughout the first book. You’re certainly told, to ensure you have the basic facts to understand the story, but it is not the same as experiencing all that happened – for a bigger picture, read Down on Me. After all, it’s a fun book, one you will not regret reading.

Like the first story, you knew how things were going to play out in this one. You know how the trope plays out, and you know our male lead will be February’s man of the month. Despite this, the smaller details quickly pull you in. You know where things are going, but you want to see how things will come together. In fact, there were more surprising elements to this one than the prior book. Nothing overly shocking, but there were details that certainly added extra layers to the story.

My only real issue with this book was the final chapter. There was an underlying story throughout this one that was somewhat darker than I’d expected, and the way it was dealt with in the end disappointed me. It felt as though the author realised it needed to be brought to a close, but did not put the same amount of effort into close the one detail as they did closing off the rest of the story. I really adored our characters in this one, their story was amazing, but I was disappointed in how one of the significant elements ended.

Overall, though, I loved this one. I’m so excited for the rest of the series – we were introduced to even more potential couples that may come into play later in the book, and I cannot wait to see how each of the tropes play out. Up next in book three, Need You Now, we have a brother’s best friend story – if the epilogue is any indication of what is to come, it’s going to be another wonderful read.

Bring on Need You Now!

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Review: Awkward

Awkward Awkward by Lily Kate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Awkward was my first Lily Kate book, and it will not be my last. I decided to read this one as it had the potential for a decent story, only for it to win me over before the end of the first chapter.

Awkward is one of those books that grabs you hard and refuses to let go. You’re sucked into the story, and before you know what has happened you’ve finished the book in a single sitting. I’m no stranger to finishing a book in a single sitting, but such was not my plan for this one. Awkward was supposed to offer me a reprieve from the book I was finding difficult to read, a way to hold off on a reading slump – I was not supposed to consume it in a single sitting. Even when I realised what was happening, how quickly I was working through this one, I found myself unable to put the book down. It begged to be finished, and finish it I did.

In truth, this is more of a four-point-five-star rating than the four-star rating I gave the book. I very rarely round up such ratings, but there were a few moments where I considered rounding up. The only reason I didn’t is because of my overly picky ways, and how there were a couple of points where things seemed to lull somewhat. It was nothing major, but it was enough for me to hold off on my rounding up.

For anyone looking for a fabulous rom-com, I certainly recommend picking this up. It mixes truly humorous moments (I laughed so long and loud throughout this book I was waiting for the neighbours to complain) with the wonderfully sweet. One moment you will fear you’re going to pee your pants from laughter, then next you fear your heart is going to beat right out of your chest. Add in some steamy moments, and we have exactly what you want in a rom-com. You’ll laugh, you’ll roll your eyes, and you will feel – you cannot ask for much more.

Of course, you are given much more. In addition to all the elements that make this the laugh out loud funny book it is, this one also has a brilliant storyline. It is an amazing friends-to-lovers story, one that will leave you wanting more of the amazing characters. In fact, I think it is safe to label this as one of my favourite friends-to-lovers reads.

Although I loved so many elements of the story, I think the characters were my favourite aspect. They went so well together, and had amazing chemistry. As individuals they were wonderful characters, but together they were fabulous. Each brought plenty of entertainment to the table, and I fell so deeply in love with them both.

Without a doubt, I loved this one. I cannot wait to pick up more Lily Kate in the future.

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Release Blitz: Hold On Tight.

HoldOnTight-ReleaseBlitz copy

Hold On Tight, the newest standalone in the Man of the Month Series by #1 New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner is LIVE!

2 -
February - Hold On Tight

Title: Hold On Tight

Author: J. Kenner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: January 30th

A hard body. A dangerous past.
Meet Mr. February.
Reality-TV star and reformed bad boy Spencer Dean doesn’t trust women. Not after his fiancĂ©e, Brooke, left him at the altar five years ago, breaking his heart and hardening his soul.
Now, Brooke is close to a deal for her own show that will launch with the remodel of a popular Austin bar. The problem? The network insists that Spencer step in as her partner.
He’s tried to forget her—but he can’t deny that he still wants her. More than that, he wants to punish her. And so he agrees, but only on terms that are provocative, demanding, and wildly sensual.
It’s the perfect set-up for extracting revenge. But he doesn’t expect to fall for Brooke all over again…
Revenge never looked so hot.
**Hold On Tight is part of a binge read series by New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and #1 International bestselling author of the million copy Stark series, J. Kenner.HoldOnTight-AvailableNow

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About J. Kenner

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres. Though known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit. JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them.” A five time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy). Her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (as Julie Kenner) is currently in development with AwesomenessTV/Awestruck. Her books have sold over three million copies and are published in over twenty languages. In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.jkenner

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Release Day Blitz: Awkward.

Title: Awkward.
Author: Lily Kate
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 30, 2018



I know how things look from the outside. I’m rich. I’m a successful surgeon. I’m handsome. I should have women lining up from here to New Jersey clawing for space in my bed, but there’s one huge catch.

I’m f*cking awkward.

Every time I get a date, I spoil it. Asked if she’s pregnant? Check. Forgot her name? Check. Bought a meat lover’s pizza for my vegan girlfriend? Check, check, check.

This is why my best friend, romance fanatic Allie Jenkins, has declared that she’s swooping in to save the day. She’s prepared a list of required reading straight from The Ripped Bodice, and I’m supposed to take notes, learn from the best, and put that shit into action. After all, practice makes perfect, right? 


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Author Bio

USA TODAY bestselling author Lily Kate works a pretttttty boring day job and writes books filled with heat, heart, and humor by night. Her debut novel, Delivery Girl, landed instantly on the USA TODAY list, thanks to all of her fabulous readers! :) 

When she’s not writing books, you may find her watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, eating whipped cream from the can, or hanging out with her family.

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Monday 29 January 2018

Review: Broken SEAL

Broken SEAL Broken SEAL by Geri Foster
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Broken SEAL is the tenth book in the Sleeper SEALs series. Note, each book is a standalone written by a different author. You do not need to read any of the prior books to read this one, and such is how I entered Broken SEAL.

I’ll be brutally honest – I was extremely disappointed by this one. The Sleeper SEALs series sounds really interesting, including books by some authors I really like, so I was expecting all the books to be quite interesting. Add in how fun the synopsis of Broken SEAL made this book seem, and I was doubly excited to dive in. Unfortunately, what I was given was not at all what I had been expecting.

I wanted a storyline that would grip me, filled with action. Yet the story failed to pack the expected punches. There were plenty of times where the information was repeated, as if to reach a word count, and I grew bored of reading the same thing. Whenever things did start to happen, they seemed to be over and done with extremely quickly. There were a couple of decent events, but nothing that blew my mind. For part of the book, I considered giving three-stars, yet the ending let me down. There was so much build up, only for everything to be over far too quickly.

Not to mention, I didn’t care for the characters. Considering the shared past, I did not feel any chemistry between them. They could have been two strangers for all I felt about the relationship. I didn’t much care for them as individuals, either. It seemed like references were made to details as an attempt to add more depth to the characters, but it felt awkward. There were snippets of information about the characters, as though I was to think a certain way about them instead of making my own choice, and never made a full image of them in my mind.

All in all, I was disappointed by this one. For such a short read, it took me far too long to work through it as I wasn’t sucked in as I had hoped to be.

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Review: Silent Victims

Silent Victims Silent Victims by Lynda La Plante
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Prime Suspect series has intrigued me for quite some time, and having now finished all three books I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed. This final book, Silent Victims, was easily my favourite, but even then it wasn’t anything mind blowing.

In truth, Silent Victims has left me rethinking my ratings of the prior two books. I gave all three books a three-star rating, but this final book is a much stronger read. Despite how much stronger this book was, I couldn’t bring myself to give it a four-star rating. When comparing this book to my usual four-star ratings, I found it to be lacking. Therefore, I consider this more of a three-point-five-star rating that didn’t quite make it to being rounded up – and the two prior books were more so two-point-five-star ratings that did make it to being rounded up. Complicated, I know, but this book made me rethink just how much the two prior books failed to hit the right marks.

As stated, Silent Victims was my favourite of the three Prime Suspect books. It was so much stronger than the two prior reads, keeping me entertained throughout. I still had a number of issues – it is much the same as my issues with the prior books, a reflection of how this series has not aged well – but as a whole I was a lot more invested in the story.

The reason I enjoyed this one so much more is because of the story. There was a bigger mystery to this story, with a number of different elements being involved throughout. The two prior books were much simpler reads, whereas Silent Victims has you guessing how things come together. There is still a lot of predictability to be found, but with so many interwoven elements there is guaranteed to be something that piques your interest and slips by your attention before you can figure everything out.

Although this third book was the most enjoyable, it has not convinced me Lynda La Plante is for me. I’m glad to say I have finally read the Prime Suspect books, but I doubt I will be coming back for more of the author.

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Sunday 28 January 2018

Cover Reveal: Dark Embrace.

Title: Dark Embrace
Series: The Dark Legacy Series #1
Author: Elle Boon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Design: Tibbs Design
Model: Stuart Reardon
Release Date: February 8, 2018


A DARK LEGACY where only the strong survive and those who are Goddess touched can complete the warriors who fight to protect the world from the creatures that go bump in the night.


Jennaveve, the Fey chosen by the Goddess to be the queen of her people for the past few millennium, is tired and wishes for a break, but hadn’t counted on being reduced to almost mortal thanks to a dark stranger. They say you should be careful what you wish for. The last time she’d taken a break, her Fey had left their realm, resulting in shifters on Earth known as the Mystic and Iron Wolves and even more she was still searching for.

Damien and Lucas Cordell knew they’d share a Hearts Love when the time came. As the twin sons of the Vampire King who’d mated a shifter, they were the first of their kind. When they’d thought their mate was finally within their reach and was a shifter like their mother only to realize she wasn’t theirs, they’d almost lost their lives to the alpha of the Iron Wolves, Kellen Styles. Instead, the error led them to the being that was…the Fey Queen Jennaveve. Only she was even more elusive than the wind.

Time and patience was something Damien and Lucas had in spades, until the female they’d already laid claim to, even if she hadn’t accepted them yet, was taken by an enemy. Saving Jenna became their one and only focus. As time and realms slip between them, their fear for her had them forgetting about patience and made claiming Jenna as their Hearts Love, hoping she accepted their Dark Embrace.

Will the Cordell Twins be able to rescue Jenna from the evil who has taken her? Will Jenna get her powers back? Who is the dark presence and how will they defeat a being who is strong enough to bring the Fey Queen down to her knees?

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They both turned as one toward the door as a commotion swirled into the room.
“What have you done?” Raina asked.
Lucas looked at the tall man who followed behind their sister, waiting to see what Creed, the son of Satan, had to say. Hellboy himself would be a good one to have on their side. “Shit, how’d you get in?” he asked as realization dawned.
Damien flashed to his sister. “Where did you come from?” He held her by the arms, giving her a little shake.
A deep rumble came from Creed. “Boy, I suggest you unhand my Eros, or I’ll remove your arms from your body.”
Lucas came to stand next to his brother. “Our Hearts Love is missing along with our father. We’ve been locked into this fucking castle and you two just strolled in like it’s nothing. We just want to know if you can get us out.” The last was yelled at a decibel that bordered on a roar, but Lucas was at the zero fucks giving point.
“You got two seconds before I start dismembering your brother. Tell him to get his fingers, palms, and any other body part off my Raina if he wants to keep them.” Creed’s voice had become the deep tone of his demon side.
“Damien, you might want to take a step back before we have to rumble with our brother-in-law in front of baby sis here. Raina, please answer the damn question while our brother is letting you go. Now, Damien, release her.” He put as much order behind the last part, hoping to reach his twin, but he’d never seen his twin’s eyes turn such a dark obsidian like their father’s.
Raina wrapped her arms around their brother, stilling Creed from going killer beast. “Damien, calm down. We popped in like we always do. I felt mama’s distress and told Creed I needed to visit. He of course insisted he come with. When we got here I couldn’t find her, so I followed you two morons’ scents. There’s another, not quite the same, but familiar smell here too.” Her voice shook, the slight tremor more an indication of her rising worry. She released Damien and went to the same corner. “It’s like dad but toned down.”
“Can you track him?” Damien asked.
“No,” Creed growled.
“He took Jennaveve and our father went after him, alone. He’s our…brother,” Damien said in a barely there whisper.
Raina spun to face them, her hand going to her throat. “What?”
Creed flashed to her side. “She will not be your sniffing dog.”
“Our father has another son. Goddess, its messed up to even say that. He’s the one who hurt Jenna. He nearly killed her the last time he had his hands on her. Somehow that…bastard traced her back here and took her out from under our noses. Now, our father is tracking them alone while we stand here arguing. We can’t breach these walls, but you two can. You can sense him, Raina. Please.” Lucas held his hand out, holding the pillow with Jenna’s scent still on it.
“That’s why mother is hurting.” She moved forward, a tear slipping down her cheek. “Creed, I can’t stand here and do nothing when my family is falling apart.”
“Damn it, I knew this family stuff was going to be a pain in my ass.” Creed jerked the fabric out of Lucas’s hand. “It’s the Fey Queen. I can scent her as well. We go together, all of us on one condition.”
Lucas and Damian nodded, waiting.
“I’m in charge and Raina is not to be harmed.”
“Hellboy, you can call all the shots as long as we find our Love.” There was nothing he wouldn’t agree to in order to find Jenna.
“I’m so going to regret this.” Creed dropped his chin to his chest.
Raina turned to face Creed.
Damien pointed at the two. “No making out with our sister in front of us. Save it for the bedroom. Let’s go people, times a wasting.” He changed into all black clothing, and although his words were teasing, the hardness behind the tone was anything but.
“Can I eat them?” Creed asked.
Raina shook her head. “You promised to be nice to my family.”
“Can I let Liv eat them?”
Their sister snorted. “No, you told her she couldn’t do that either. Come on, boys. Let’s get this party started.”
Lucas focused on Jenna’s sweet smile and promised himself they’d have her tucked between them soon. When he opened his eyes, his brother was staring with that same single minded intent on his face. “We’ll get her back and make sure she can’t escape without one of us always knowing where she’s at.”
Raina snorted. “You two will learn, a woman like Jenna won’t take to being caged or coddled.”
He met Creed’s dark stare. “How’s that working for you, Hellboy?”
Creed lifted his middle finger. “You still wanting a way out of here, or we gonna sling insults back and forth? Believe me, your little nickname is nothing compared to the things I’ve been through and trust me, boy, I’ve definitely had much bigger beings say much nastier things than that to me.”
Instant regret punched him in the gut. “Damn it, I’m sorry man. You’re right. Hellboy isn’t meant to be a…bad thing. Shit! I like you and I think you’re great for our sister.”
His sister’s mate tilted his head and nodded. “Good enough. Let’s go. One big circle like…well, one big happy family.”
Damien groaned. “Son of a bitch, not you, too.”
Their sister clapped like she was proud to be part of the crazy, wrapping one arm around Creed and held the other out. He moved forward, slipping his hand in hers, waiting for Damien to grab onto his other one.
Once they formed a circle, Creed’s lips formed a straight line. “Here we go boys and my girl.”
Darkness came quickly. The opulent bedroom replaced by a forest that had gone eerily quiet. Creed moved next to Raina, waving his hand around her, changing the sexy dress she’d had on into all black, making her resemble a character from the movie Underworld. He didn’t have time to question the man as they all seemed to notice the unnatural quietness.
“Anyone know exactly where we are?” Damien’s voice echoed around them.
Creed closed his eyes, then opened them quickly. “We’re still on Earth. Something is unnatural here, but it’s not demon born.”

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Saturday 27 January 2018

Review: A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd A Face in the Crowd by Lynda La Plante
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Face in the Crowd is the second Prime Suspect book, and my feelings towards this one are just as mixed as my feelings towards the first book. Possibly more so.

In truth, did I not own the Prime Suspect omnibus I probably would not have read A Face in the Crowd. However, with book two starting a couple of pages after book one I found myself intrigued. I may not have been overly excited about reading the second book, but a part of me wished to see what came next. Plus, I do not consider three-star ratings a reason not to pick up the second book in a series. Such makes books a low priority, but there is the possibility. This possibility was made real, albeit after a bit of time, through book two being owned.

Unlike the first book, I did not go into this one with high expectations. I think a part of the reason I was so disappointed with the first book is that I expected great things. With the popularity around Prime Suspect, I expected to have my mind blown. Entering book two, I set my standards much lower.

When it comes down to my feelings, they are divided. Some elements of this book I enjoyed more than I enjoyed them in the first book. Other elements I enjoyed less than I enjoyed them in the first book. It seemed to be a bit of a trade-off, meaning my feelings towards this book are quite similar as my feelings towards the first book. At a push, I would say I enjoyed this one more than the first book – however, it’s only by a small fraction. Neither book blew my mind, but I can say I have read them.

What I enjoyed more about this one was the crime element. There was a bit more mystery with this one, a better criminal storyline. I enjoyed how the first book was somewhat different to the norm, but this one was more in line with what I like. It provided a whodunnit that left you curious about a number of the characters. I also feel as though more elements were brought in, ensuring you were interested in how the elements mixed.

However, I feel as though there were some elements of the storyline that were unnecessary. I know some people like to have political issues brought into their books, but I did not enjoy it with this one. It could have been interesting, considering the topic, but I felt as though it pulled away from interesting elements of the story. In other words, I feel as though certain aspects could have been done without – or they could have been done much better.

As with the first book, though, I feel as though it is an issue of the way topics are dealt with being dated. With the first book I was annoyed by the sexism – in this book I was annoyed by the racism. These things happen, but I dislike the way they are dealt with in these stories. I cannot help but question what will be used in the third book. Homophobic commentary? It feels like too much. It feels as though a message is trying to be sent, yet the wrong one is being received.

As I have book three I will read it, but I’m not overly excited for it.

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