Wednesday 31 October 2018

Release Blitz: Systematic Siege.

Title: Systematic Siege
Series: Siege #1
Author: N. Isabelle Blanco
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2018


Life separated us.
Destiny tied me to her.
Obsession drove me mad.
I knew they all hurt her. What I didn’t understand is how deep . . .

Seven years ago, they ripped her from me—my father. The friends I made at school. Jealousy drove all of those bastards into conspiring against us.

And they won.

I almost killed myself after losing her.

Now I live for only three things:

I will destroy everyone who hurt her.
I will find her.
I’ll become the biggest monster ever known to accomplish those things.

I’m at the head of my father’s empire now. A corporate king. I’m ready to finally put in place the plan I’ve been working on for years.

I’m ready to find my Lexi.

What I didn’t realize is that she had already found me.

Warning: this series is not for everyone. As the story progresses, dark themes are explored that might be a trigger for some. Please read at your own discretion. Definitely 18+. 

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Author Bio

N. Isabelle Blanco is the Amazon Bestselling Author of the Allure Series, the Need Series with K.I. Lynn, and many others. At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life.

That is, until coffee came a long and took over everything else.

Nowadays, N. spends most of her days surviving the crazy New York rush and arguing with her characters every ten minutes or so, all in the hopes of one day getting them under control.

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Release Blitz: Mercy.

Title: Mercy
Series: Forever #3
Author: India R. Adams
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2018


Love may not conquer all...

Three Days. Father will be released from prison in three days. And his threats against me are about to come to fruition. The danger is as real as Dereck and my love.

Dereck is ready to fight for my life. I think he senses it’s coming to that.
I’m his - in this life and any other life that exists - and I know he’ll do anything for me.
His bright white light is blinding.

But with my life in danger, Dereck's kindness may not be enough to protect me this time.
The clock is ticking...and my life is not the only one at risk.

MERCY is book three in the Forever Series.

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#1 Serenity is 99c for a limited time!


Author Bio

India is either hiding away and writing in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, in a studio writing and recording songs for the Forever series, in yoga trying to find her Zen (that keeps escaping her), walking down an old dirt road (no joke), outdoors with her dogs and family (because to live without the sun is a crime), in a coffee shop talking books (Caf'n'chat), or floating in a lake (when the weather permits). She thinks reading books is the answer to all problems (and having a glass of red wine is a fabulous second solution). She loves to chat with readers because she says they are brilliant and most passionate.

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Audio Blitz: Trinity.

Title: Trinity
Author: M. Never
Genre: Erotic Romance
Narrator: Muffy Newtown
Audio Release Date: October 31, 2018


Two seductive strangers.
One scandalous night.
A trinity of temptation.

It was only supposed to be a single encounter. A night of sexual exhibition. We were never supposed to become romantically involved. But they were alluring and irresistible.

They were also the enemy.

Their company wants to take the one thing that means anything to me.

Now, I'm navigating a dicey path. Loving two men who can destroy me in a multitude of ways. They can shatter my heart, wreck my dreams, but worst of all, demolish the only place I've ever called home.

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Author Bio

M. Never resides in New York City. When she's not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.

She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.

She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn't trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!

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Release Blitz: Love and Death.

Title: Love and Death, a Collection
Author: Alice K. Wayne
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror
Release Date: October 31, 2018


Dark, bloody and... romantic? 

Five classic literary monsters tell fresh stories, and show you just how good evil can really be.

Cthulhu will own you. 
Mistress Hyde will break you.
Dracula will force you to give him your innocence.
The Mummy wants none left alive.
And the Wolfman? 
He's just an asshole trying to survive the apocalypse.

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Author Bio

Alice K. Wayne is a paranormal romance/ erotica writer straight out of the Motor City.
From a young age books became her favorite escape, and that love eventually turned to writing as well.
Alice loves traveling, is a self proclaimed foodie, sushi addict, selfie Queen, and like all good Detroiters, is completely obsessed with Red Wings hockey.
If you like thick books with twists, turns, depth, and LOTS of steamy scenes these books are for you!

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Review: Muffin Top

Muffin Top Muffin Top by Avery Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading and enjoying the first book in Avery Flynn’s The Hartigans series, Butterface, I was eager to dive into the second book. There was a wee bit of tentatively regarding Muffin Top, but I’m glad I jumped in. After finishing it, I’m extremely eager to get my hands on book three, Tomboy.

The fact this series is dealing with the unconventional female leads – book one was the female considered ‘unattractive’, book two is the female considered ‘overweight’, and book three is the female considered too ‘boyish’ – means there will be characters everyone can relate to. Being a woman, unfortunately, means we have labels thrown at us all the time – in some cases, we will be able to connect with all the labels being thrown at the characters. Hell, I know I can.

Although it is easy to connect with such characters, I was a wee bit worried before starting this book. I feared the female lead was going to be a cliché, with the story falling into the usual stereotypes. Fortunately, I had nothing to fear. I was sucked into this story from the very first page, and with every word I read I fell deeper and deeper in love with the characters and the relationship blooming between them.

Like Butterface, Muffin Top grabbed my attention and refused to let me free. Once I started reading, I found I could not put the book down. I was addicted, in love, and desperate to see how everything came together. I wanted more of the characters and their drama, more of the humour and emotions, and more of the countless other goodies on offer throughout the book.

It was a sweet story, with some steam and some harder hitting subjects, ensuring it reaches you on multiple levels. It’s a story that will have an impact, one that will stay with you long after you finish. So, if like me you find yourself a wee bit tentative, take the leap – there is more to this book than appears on the surface.

Now, I’m going to sit and impatiently await book three. The hints we got of what is to come have left me super desperate for more.

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Tuesday 30 October 2018

Review: The Legacy

The Legacy The Legacy by Dylan Allen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was more than a little bit curious about Dylan Allen’s The Legacy, finding myself of the belief it would be a book I would fall in love with. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those ‘it’s me, not you’ cases. I can see why so many people have enjoyed this one, yet I found the book extremely difficult to get into.

If I’m being completely honest, there were points when I considered giving up with the book. I did not connect with the characters and I wasn’t overly invested in the story. There were little things that interested me though, things I hoped would win me over, and this is what kept me reading.

It was these little things, the things that guaranteed I’d continue reading, that had me handing out a two-star rating rather than a single star. The fact I was willing to continue, the fact there was somewhat curious, prevented me from putting the book aside and giving up.

What made it so difficult for me?

Mainly it was the characters. I did not connect with either of the main characters, and I felt no emotion towards their relationship at all. On top of that, it is clear this book sets out to create an entire series for people to become invested in, hence we get introduced to drama and side characters that are supposed to leave us wanting more. As it was, I didn’t care for any of those characters either. In fact, the only emotions I felt towards them were negative, the kinds of emotions that will ensure I will not be picking up their stories.

On the surface, this seemed like a book I would enjoy. Alas, it really was a case of us not clicking. I’m in the minority, though, so in this case I think the problem really was me.

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Review: Troubled War

Troubled War Troubled War by Sarah K.L. Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve been addicted to the Dragon School series since I jumped into the first book and am super eager to see how everything comes together. However, by this point in the series, I fear the shine is starting to wear off. At first, I was throwing out constant four-star ratings, yet more recently I’ve found the majority of the books are earning three-star ratings (with a part of me feeling generous). I’m still curious to see how everything comes together, but I’m not as obsessed with this series as I once was.

Dragon School: First Flight, book one, sucked me completely into the world – it was so much more than I’d expected, and I couldn’t wait to get more. Dragon School: Initiate, book two, sucked me in even deeper – it showed me there was more to the story than I’d originally thought, ensuring I would pick up the next. Dragon School: The Dark Prince, book three, was a very important book in the series – it may not have been my favourite book, but it was vital to the overall story. Dragon School: The Ruby Isles, book four, continues to move things forward in a wonderful way – it may not be my favourite of the stories, but it is another important addition. Dragon School: Sword, book five, was another brilliant read, adding more to the series – it was also the book that reminded me why I was following the series in the first place, pulling me back in after a short hiatus.

Dragon School: Dusk Covenant, book six, added plenty of new twists – more than enough to ensure I remained ensnared with the story. Dragon School: First Message, book seven, brought even more to the table – more was added to the storyline, plenty of things leaving me curious as to what would come next. Dragon School: Warring Promises, book eight, left on a serious cliff-hanger – all the books leave on a cliff-hanger, but this was probably the biggest of them all. Dragon School: Prince of Dragons, book nine, was one of my least favourites in the series, but it continued to move things forward for us.

Dragon School: Dark Night, book ten, was one of my favourites in the series, increasing the level of intensity and leaving us with so many expectations. Dragon School: Bright Hopes, book eleven, was a pivotal book in the series, giving us so many new twists and making so many promises for the future. Dragon School: Mark of Loyalty, book twelve, blew all the prior books out of the water, earning it the label as my favourite in the series. Dragon School: Dire Quests, book thirteen, didn’t quite live up to the potential, but I did give it a rounded up three-point-five-star rating. Dragon School: Ancient Allies, book fourteen, was another rounded up rating. Dragon School: Pipe of Wings, book fifteen, was my least favourite, one I was unable to round up despite my desire to do so.

Dragon School: Dragon Piper, book sixteen, came close to being rounded up, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do so. Dragon School: Dust of Death, book seventeen, felt like a bit of a filler book as not much happened. Dragon School: Troubled War, book eighteen, inched back towards what I liked about the series, but it wasn’t quite there.

With Dragon School: Troubled War, we had another of those dramatic twists thrown in that made the start of the series so enjoyable. With Dragon School: Dust of Death, I felt as though nothing really happened, yet with Dragon School: Troubled War it is clear to see where the development was. However, although it is clear something major did happen with this one, it wasn’t until quite late in the book. In all honesty, I feel as though this book had far too much introspection and not enough action. As the series is about to reach the end, I feel as though there should be a lot more action than there is. As it stands, I was disappointed and expecting more. It was nice to see another twist – although I have a feeling I know how things are going to come together now – I do not feel as though it was quite enough when the series is about to finish.

Overall, Dragon School: Troubled War is a necessity if you wish to see how this series comes together; however, I have reached the point where I’m no longer as obsessed with the series as I once was.

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Release Blitz: Deception.

Title: Deception
A Stalker Novel
Authors: Karen Raines & Brittany Crowley
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 30, 2018


I’m no stranger to the walk of shame. Relationships are messy and someone always gets hurt. One night’s all they get from me.
Until him.

Now there’s an unknown enemy forcing me back into the scene of my fears. Before long I’m questioning everything, including if I have what it takes to make a relationship be his blue.

I’ve hidden from the ghosts of my past, and the last place I ever thought I would be is here, back on this stage.

I’m the strength, the quiet calm to our crew. But when it comes to the woman I love, I’ll leave the solitude and head back to the flames...

And if she gets caught in the crossfire, I’ll burn them all to the ground.

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Karen Raines

A self-confessed reading addict, Karen is usually found either writing or with her nose stuck in a book. Or Adulting because apparently, she should do that too sometimes!

She’s a lover of wildly inappropriate humour, has an addiction to swear words and bananas, lands her foot in her mouth daily… but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Karen can be summed up with 5 words:

Friendly, loyal, thankful, funny and above all… Smutty!

Brittany Crowley

Brittany Crowley was born and raised in Massachusetts. She still lives there today with her husband and 3 kids. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she was hooked. Though she had many ideas in her head, Brittany was unsure if she had what it took to become a writer. A few encouraging words and one writing challenge later, she completed her first book. Now you can find her trying to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.

Release Blitz: Eagle.

Title: Eagle
A Linear Tactical Standalone
Author: Janie Crouch
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 30, 2018


Finn Bollinger. Military codename: EAGLE.
A single dad, a warrior, a hero.

For Charlotte Devereux he's also the man whose heart she broke years before. And now, he's her only chance for survival.

When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with an undercover mission, he's up for the task. His job teaching survival skills to civilians at Linear Tactical keeps him sharp, and he can still handle himself in the field. 

But the Army damn well didn't teach Finn how to handle Charlotte Devereux. She's back and she's all sorts of bad news. 

Charlotte can't change the past. Can't change the choices she made or the fact that they cost her everything. All she can do is endure the fallout. Even if that means putting her future in the hands of Finn, the man who has every right to want to destroy her.

And can in so many more ways than he thinks.

When Finn's undercover mission goes impossibly wrong, he'll have to depend on Charlotte's strength in order to survive. But everyone has a breaking point.

He's fighting for what's right.
She's fighting just to survive... 

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Author Bio

USA TODAY bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: passionate romantic suspense.  She is a winner and/or finalist of multiple romance literary awards including the Golden Quill Award for Best Romantic Suspense, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the RITA© Award by the Romance Writers of America.

Janie recently relocated with her husband and their four teenagers to Germany (due to her husband's job as support for the U.S. Military), after living in Virginia for nearly 20 years. When she's not listening to the voices in her head—and even when she is—she enjoys engaging in all sorts of crazy adventures (200-mile relay races; Ironman Triathlons, treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp) traveling, and movies of all kinds. 

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Release Blitz: Truth.

Title: Truth
Series: Sinful #1
Author: Trilina Pucci
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2018



It was a tryst.
A sin swallowed down by desire.

That’s what I tell myself.
But my body isn’t the only part that
aches for him now.

I sold my soul.
Now my heart is a slave to the devil.
Dominic King.

He unveiled the taboo,
illuminating my lie
and unexpectedly stole my heart.

But I walked away.


Lust is my religion.
She became my sanctuary.

If it’s forgiveness she seeks
the price just doubled.

And she’ll pay it bound at my feet.

I gave her pain for pleasure.
Her truth.

Now I’ll make her beg me for more.

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“What are you willing to give me?” Because I want it all.
“I’m undecided.” I hate the look on his face. It’s fear, he’s afraid I’ll hurt him again.
“So just tell me to stop when I cross a line. I’ll only go as far as you trust me to go. Deal.” He nods his head hesitantly as my hand finds the top button of his shirt, I undo it slowly making my way to each before his shirt is completely undone. I only stop to briefly trace the tattoo on his chest. God, I missed this body. His twelve pack casts a heavy shadow from beneath the shirt and I run my fingers over his rock-hard stomach and up to his chest, leaning in to kiss the tattooed area.
“This okay?” I ask from pressed lips against his chest pulling back to look into his eyes.
“Fucking you isn’t my problem. It’s what to do with you after.” Smacking his drink down on the bar top he puts his hands on my waist, walking me backward away from the bar and then jerks me forward eliciting a surprised yelp as I’m hoisted over his shoulder. “See that’s the problem” bringing his hand down on my ass hard, “The way I see it, this is all you get. I’ll give you my cock but that’s it. That’s the only deal I’ll make with you. Take it or leave it.” It’s a start.
Without a hesitation I whisper, “Take it. But it won’t be enough.” He places me back on my feet and looks me up and down, his expression mirrors my own frustration.
“I hate that fucking outfit. I want you naked. Now.” His words leave little room for debate.
“What? What's wrong with my outfit?” I look at him like he’s lost his mind.  
“It restricts access...” crossing his arms he grins, waiting for me to disrobe.
“I’m not taking off my clothes in the middle of this room.” He has lost his mind.
“We’re alone and last I checked it’s a fucking sex club. Take your goddamn clothes off so I can bury my dick inside that tight wet pussy, Drew.”
I’m fucking dripping the minute he growls at me but I take all the time in the world, slipping off each shoulder giving my tyrant his own private show. The more time I take the more his jaw tenses. God, I love riling this man up.  
“You realize the longer you take the harsher the punishment. I will take out every one of the seconds, on that ass tonight.”  
“Promises, promises.” I challenge back. He grabs his cock adjusting the bulge, groaning with the motion.
“You have ten seconds to get it off then I’m ripping it off myself.” His demeanor couldn’t be more serious. He will tear this very expensive, amazing outfit off my body without so much as a second thought.
“Ten.” I start on one of my heels unhitching the ankle strap.
“Nine.” finishing, I move to the other.
“Eight.” The strap around my ankle gets stuck as I start to panic. I’m never going to make it. Fuck! I'm so hot, I don't know which outcome I want more. His punishment or my victory.
“Seven.” Fuck it, I rip it off my foot and pull down my right shoulder strap starting to shimmy.
“Six.” I start looking around the room, “Five.” I scope out where I could go to buy some more time. “Four.” I love this outfit.
“Three.” Son-of-a-bitch.
“Two.” Struggling with the zipper it finally comes loose and I push my jumpsuit down to my ankles.  

Author Bio

Trilina is an author, wife, and mama to three rowdy kiddos. When she isn't making grilled cheese sandwiches, she can be found writing saucy novels that titillate and excite her readers.

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