Monday 29 October 2018

Review: Hex Marks the Spot

Hex Marks the Spot Hex Marks the Spot by Ani Gonzalez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With the book title Hex Marks the Spot and the series title Drop Dead Witchy, I was instantly curious about Ani Gonzalez’s story – and this was before I read the blurb and decided it would be a lot of fun. Thus, I was more than happy to dive into Hex Marks the Spot.

Hex Marks the Spot was a quick read, yet it certainly packs a punch. So much happens throughout, ensuring you’ll be willing to devour the book in a single sitting. Once you start, there is no going back – you’re lost to the story and will power through it until the end. Then, once you read the last work, you will find yourself desperate for the next book. As my introduction to Ani Gonzalez, I can honestly say I’ll be on the lookout for the next Drop Dead Witchy book – and am plenty willing to read the author’s other work.

In truth, if I’m being completely honest, Hex Marks the Spot wasn’t quite a full four-star rating. It was so close that I had to round up, but there were little things that niggled somewhat. Mainly it was the fact this book was labelled a standalone. That is it. However, it is very clear the book is tied in with other work by the author. There were numerous references made that I did not understand, and at times it felt as though I’d jumped into the middle of a series and missed some of the vital world building. It wasn’t so bad to have prevented enjoyment, but there were certainly times when I was at a clear disadvantage.

Despite this, I was capable of enjoying the story. There was so much to get to know, so many things I found myself wanting to know more about. Characters, creatures, events, and the world. Everything interested me, and I was sucked in so deep. In fact, the level of interest I had only made me more desperate to sort out my curiosity by going and giving the other books in the universe a read.

If you’ve read other Ani Gonzalez books, then you’re sure to adore this new addition to the wonderful world she has created. If, like myself, you’re new to Ani Gonzalez, Hex Marks the Spot introduces you to a brilliant world, one you’ll be desperate to find out more about. With a self-contained story, you’ll find yourself reading the end of Hex Marks the Spot with a pleased little smile on your face. As part of something bigger, it certainly leaves you wanting more.

Without a doubt, Hex Marks the Spot has guaranteed I’ll be reading more Ani Gonzalez in the future.

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