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Sunday, 13 December 2015

You're Late, You're Late, You're Running a Wee Bit Late.

Another speedy (read short) post.

To begin with, I know I’m technically late with this post. I’d been sticking to a Saturday routine and it is now Sunday (at least over here in the UK it is). Whist this is a weekend things, I had been hoping to stick to Saturday. Alas and alack, it cannot be helped. Life gets busy at times.

So yeah, busy week.

Nothing much fun to report in the book world, unfortunately. I managed both the Tuesday and Wednesday feature this time, so hooray there! I will still be keeping up with those (as I said before). In terms of what I have managed to read this week, there has been very little. Exams kill reading time. Honestly, they’re pesky little buggers.

Ergo, once again, my read list is mostly short stories. Well, technically that is untrue. I have read a number of books relating to my exams – but I doubt you want to hear all about the neuropsychology books I have been reading (and if you are, by some chance interested, you could just look at my Goodreads). Anyway, here is my (mostly) short stories collection for the week:

·         Lilacs. It was an interesting one. Whilst not my favourite Megan Derr read, it kept me entertained. In all honesty, I’d been expecting much worse for this one (although I’m not sure why).
·         The Woman in Silk. I would recommend this solely for the masochists out there… and even then I would suggest you find something else to read instead. Okay, it had a few decent moments… but, for the most part, it exists exclusively for the yearly challenge of ‘read a book with bad reviews’ (of course, within that category there are countless better books to choose from).
·         Billie Jean. Not my favourite read in the genre. The story wasn’t as fun as I had been hoping it would be. It kept me interested… but it didn’t really do anything for me.
·         Mission: X. I enjoyed this one much more than I was expecting. It was much more fun than I had envisioned it to be. I finished it in one and had to download the second part straight away.
·         The Bigger They Are. Whilst advertised as the second Mission X book, it is actually a prequel. Moreover, it is not necessary to read them both. They simply contain some of the same characters. At first, I’d been fearful I would not enjoy this one as much, but in the end I came to enjoy it almost as much.

Overall, it hasn’t been my best week for reads. Fortunately, exams end soon and I can get back to reading more of the good stuff!

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