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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Review: Tiago

Tiago Tiago by Reily Garrett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I feel in love with Reily Garrett through her Carnal series. Having read three of the four books (note to self: really need to complete the set), I knew I needed more. I was fortunate enough to beta read the first book and prequel story in the McAllister Justice series, and still it wasn’t enough. Thus, when I found out there was a blog tour scheduled for Tiago I was more than ready to participate.

Tiago is the first book in the Kurupira Romance series, and I can only cross my fingers that there will be more of these books. For such a short and seemingly simple story, Tiago gave us so much. Not only in terms of what the story gives us, but also in terms of what it promises us for future books in the series. Honestly, I’m so excited to read more Kurupira Romance stories, with this one promising to give me a series in league with the author’s Carnal series.

From the get-go, the story is filled with Reily Garrett’s trademarks. If you’ve yet to read one of her books, let me break that down for you.

First up, the beautiful prose. Reily Garrett has a very unique way of writing, and I positively adore it. Her words bring the story to life, throwing you straight into the scenes. The words flow beautifully and there is real talent to be seen in how the story is told. Without a doubt, I’m in love with the author’s way of writing. Any words I could say to describe her way of writing pales in comparison to what we’re given.

Second, there’s the complex characters. No matter the story, Reily Garrett gives a wonderful cast of characters. Every character is unique, an individual. Every character is complex. Every character is real. There is nothing simple about any of the characters, the good and the bad being wonderfully complex. Whether characters are at the centre of the story, or whether they’re side characters, every character is well developed and a lot of fun to read.

Third, the pacing. I could split this paragraph up into lots of different aspects, but I’ll try to keep it simple through encompassing everything instead of boring you with lot of differing details. You see, Reily Garrett brings so many different elements into this story. Action. Romance, Mystery. The supernatural. And then some. Each is given attention, each aspect playing out wonderfully. The action is consistently great: it ebbs and flows in such a way that you’re gripped, never facing a dull moment, merely being given the occasional moment to try and settle your heart rate. The romance plays out in a wonderful way: it’s fast paced, but it’s easy to see the way in which the characters connect and how their feelings develop over time. The mystery is there throughout: you’re constantly left with questions, with so many different parts of the story having a cloak of mystique surrounding details. The supernatural is explained at just the right time: you constantly know there is something more, but the way in which the details are given allows you to slowly fall in love with each and every aspect of the world. Honestly, I cannot wait to find out more.

Whilst those are the three biggest factors to stand out in this wonderful tale, they’re not the only great things. There’s lots of little things throughout, each and every aspect working to make the story that tiny bit better. Honestly, Reily Garrett has created yet another wonderful tale with this one. The only downside for me was that I wanted more: it was such a quick read, and I would have enjoyed spending more time in this story. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – it shows how good a job an author has done when you’re left wanting more, but I do wish the tale had been a bit longer.

Overall, this is another wonderful read by the author. I really am hoping we get more Kurupira Romance books: there’s such promise here. Now whilst it wasn’t my favourite read by the author – that award goes to Carnal Obsession – it is certainly a very easy four star read. If you’ve yet to give Reily Garrett a read, this is a great place to start.

Honestly, pick up a Reily Garrett book if you have yet to – I promise, you will not regret to decision.

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