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Review: Boy Meets Witch

Boy Meets Witch Boy Meets Witch by G.A. Rael
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m rather annoyed with myself. I kept meaning to pick this one up, only for life to constantly get in the way. It was one I was super interested in, and holding out for so long was enough to drive me near to insanity. Fortunately, in the end, I managed to put aside some time to read it. Such was my enjoyment that I finished it in one sitting.

I’ll start by saying Boy Meets Witch isn’t as witchy as you would believe. With the world ‘witch’ in the title, you’re probably expecting endless spells and the controlling of elements; you know, the generic witch stuff that we see everywhere. Whilst our main female is a witch, it’s not in the typical supernatural way that most urban fantasy novels portray witches to be. What we have is something somewhat different to the norm, something that (for a while) feels very much as though it could be part of the real world. Herbs and natural remedies, the kind of stuff that would be labelled magic in the pre-science world. There’s a lot of hearsay, a lot of references to the past, but it’s some time before we see true evidence of our main character’s powers. Some people might be put off by this, some people might be looking for fireballs and poisons, but I loved it. It was a really refreshing way of looking at the witching world.

At first, the story felt rather generic. We see a lot of women moving to small town stories, and they all seem to follow the same routine. The female butts head with a male. The female is not very popular in the town. The female suddenly develops feelings for the male. Whilst the clichés are present in this story, there is enough added in to make it unique. There are many aspects to the story that we initially know very little about, as the story develops more and more aspects that are questionable develop, and these things allow you to overlook the clichés and leave you wanting more.

As the story unfolds more and more comes to light, with multiple aspects being added. The details of the witch world slowly develops, along with the supernatural world in general. Demons and the afterlife are made clearer, whilst other aspects such as angels still have an air of mystery around them. By the end of the book many of the aspects are brought to light, yet very little has been given by way of answers. Not that I mind such a thing – in fact, it only adds to my desire to read the second book. There is so much that could happen in the next one, so many things that need explaining and so many potential events, that I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Honestly, I had such fun with this one. It really was a great little read.

As a final note, I would like to thank the author for allowing me the chance to advance read this one.

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