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Monday, 15 August 2016

Review: Flirting with the Devil

Flirting with the Devil Flirting with the Devil by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll admit to there being a bit of confusion regarding this book. The author names ‘Falling for the Devil’ as the first book in the series and that is what I downloaded. However, the cover says it is part three and Goodreads informs me that ‘Flirting with the Devil’ is book one. Whatever the case, I know I read book one. The way the story was told, the way everything was introduced, I know for a fact it was book one. The titles may differ between websites, the covers may say different things, but I’m going with my gut feelings. What I read was certainly book one. In fact, part of me questions whether all three parts were together in this one download. Honestly, I’m not sure; all I know is what I read.

With that rant aside, let me move on to what you actually care about: the review.

I’ve read a number of the author’s books, and whilst this was an enjoyable one, it was not my favourite. It was a fun read, but it was missing that something extra that some of her other books seem to have. Due to this, the rating was a round up to four stars rather than a full four stars. It was good, but it wasn’t quite enough for me to call it four stars without telling you that it mentally missed out by a small degree.

As I have said in other reviews of the author’s work, Heather C. Myers has a way of taking topics that have been done before and putting her own spin on it. The devil being a person and taking someone’s soul appears in many stories, both within and outside of the romance genre. Within the romance genre, the same things always appear. He is always beautiful and charming. The female is always against being with him due to who he is. In the end, he changes her mind.

Whilst these tropes can be seen within this story, there is also the author’s usual individual aspects to the story. Mainly, Heather C. Myer’s puts her own spin on hell. Without a doubt, I can safely say it is one of my favourite versions of hell. It brings about a question I have always asked: if God sent the devil there against his will, why would the devil punish those sent to him? Thus, in this story, hell is very much like earth. The fire and brimstone is lacking, although there is still evil to be seen in one form or another. In fact, the building of hell and the aspects pertaining the supernatural side of the story were my favourite parts. They were so well done, and I could easily see more stories being set in this version of hell.

In terms of the romance in the story, it followed the pattern of the romance in some of her other stories. Despite this, it was still fun to watch. Rather than having an instant relationship, there is some burning. I would have liked more, but what we were given was a lot more than most stories give.

Overall, it was a fun read. It wasn’t my favourite Heather C. Myers read, but it was at her usual level of fun.

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