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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Enemy Within by Scott Burn is such a delightful read, one that is deserving of so much attention. If you’re a fan of young adult science fiction, or even light science fiction, then I certainly recommend you get your hands on this book. It’s a super quick read, one that is a lot of fun, and I promise you will enjoy it.

It’s a very simple premise, one that sounds like a few others out there, but I can assure you this read is not a replication of any of the books that are liable to pop into your head when you read the synopsis.

I admit that, like many teen stories, we have a main character that feels as though they do not belong – but this plays into the story. We do not spend countless pages listening to teenage angst of how he does not fit in; rather we’re shown how his life has been influenced by this. We know the why, we get to see what causes this, and very quickly Max becomes a very solid main character.

The visions were a lot of fun, too. We’re not given much, but what we are given quickly pulls you in. You’re left wanting more and so many theories enter your mind. I promise you, the explanation is not what you’ll first assume. It’s such a great twist, adding so much depth to the story.

The three other main characters, those who share the same thoughts and are something more than human, were also enjoyable. I didn’t enjoy them as much as I’d been hoping to, but they made the story great in its own way. They’re somewhat clich├ęd, and you can guess where certain things are going, but they are really enjoyable. Each character is their own and the interaction between the group is a lot of fun to watch play out.

Honestly, I could say so much, but I fear I will give spoilers. This is one of those stories that slowly comes together, with things being exceptionally well connected. Whilst you see some of the twists and turns coming, other aspects will leave you shocked. The ending in particular – oh boy. That ending was not at all what I had expected. It was such a pleasant surprise; I really enjoyed the way things turned out. As the ending was closing in I felt as though events were lacking in the emotional impact they could have had – and then my world was knocked all skewed as the very ending hit me hard.

I really did have so much fun with it. I would have liked it even more had the story been longer, had things been developed even more. Whilst there was plenty given within this story, I simply wanted even more.

Overall, I loved it. I want to thank Scott Burn for contacting me for a review, as he has left me excited to see what else is to come from his mind.

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