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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Review: Misaligned

Misaligned Misaligned by Elizabeth Burgess
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Earlier this year, I read Witch Dance by Elizabeth Burgess. It’s a young adult fantasy novel, completely different to the Counterplay series. In fact, the two couldn’t be more different if they had tried. Having enjoyed Witch Dance, I was interested to see what the Counterplay series was like. After all, the entire notion of the Counterplay series really pulled me in from the moment I set my eyes upon it.

Thus, I went ahead and investigated the series. Through the author’s website, I came upon her short story: Monster. I downloaded it, enjoyed it, and went to write up a review. When I went to write up a review, I found it wasn’t online, there was nowhere for me to post said review. Thus, I contacted Elizabeth Burgess to see whether she would be adding the book to Goodreads. I mean, I needed to share the excitement the short story had built within me. I needed people to know that a very short story had me excited for what was to come.

It turns out Monster is to be part of a short story boxset that is to be released sometime next year. I was saddened that it wouldn’t be appearing alone anywhere, yet I was pleased to know there’d be a collection of short stories relating to this series. In addition to explaining this, Elizabeth Burgess offered to let me read Misaligned. It’s a short prequel story, giving us an insight into the soap opera that is to come.

Introducing us to the main characters and some of the dark deeds to come, Misaligned quickly pulls you into the Counterplay world. We don’t know everything there is to know – but we are introduced to some of the big players and events. We know who is out for revenge, we know who is involved in twisted forms of revenge, and we’re left wanting more. It’s a great introduction to the series, one that will leave you wanting to grab Misdirection, and the rest of the series, as soon as you can.

If deceit, backstabbing, and twisted characters are your thing, I’m positive you’ll love this story as it gives an insight into what promises to be a very powerful series.

As a final note, I would like to, once again, thank Elizabeth Burgess for allowing me to read this in exchange for a review. Whilst I cannot wait to see what comes next in Hopewell Coven series, I think a part of me is a bit more excited for this one.

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