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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Review: This Kitten's Got Curves

This Kitten's Got Curves This Kitten's Got Curves by Alma Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Kitten’s Got Curves is the third book in the Shifter Date series, and I found it to be just as delightful as the two prior books.

If the truth is to be known, I was rather shocked by this third book. Not because of the story – it was everything I had hoped for – but because it was released so soon. Three books in the space of a month – I was not expecting to be so lucky! I’d been of the belief that I would be waiting longer to see what would come next, meaning I was a very happy reader when I got my hands on this one. Despite telling myself to wait a short while, to finish other books, the little voice in my head telling me to start this instantly won out. As soon as This Kitten’s Got Curves was on my Kindle I started reading, completing it in one sitting.

In my opinion, book three is the steamiest book thus far. Book two was hot, but this one is much hotter. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the relationship in book two the most – but this one certainly holds the trophy for being the sexiest.

In the first book, we were introduced to the shifter world through a lion. In the second book, we got to see the world through a wolf. In this third book, we get to see the shifter world through the eyes of a bear. Throughout all three books the lions have been present, but this time we get an in-depth look at a different kind of pack. The way in which the bear pack works, the rules and regulations, is different to that shown to us in the prior books, and I really enjoyed watching the world come alive. Truthfully, I’m hopeful for more bear stories in the future (I’m looking at a particular female character here, not to name names) as I really enjoyed the glimpse of how the pack worked and would love to see more.

What I really enjoyed about this one was the extension of the non-romance drama. I certainly enjoyed the romance drama (which I will come back to in a minute), but the non-romance drama certainly pulled me in. From the very first book, we’ve known about Power Shift. Whilst we still don’t know that much about them, we get to see how Power Shift is expanding throughout time. As this book takes place a while after book two, we’ve reached a point where Power Shift is affecting more than just the lion pack. I have some theories about where the Power Shift story will go, some hopes for what I would like to see, but other than that we’re still in the dark for the most part. I’m certainly curious as to what comes next though, eager for something big to happen.

Back to the romance drama, though. It was such fun. We get to see two people looking for very different things come together, the tension from the start wonderful. There was chemistry from the get-go, and whilst I’m not a fan of instalove I couldn’t help but find myself pulled into the story. The way the two complement each other, the way their time together plays out – I couldn’t help but enjoy it. It was so damn hot. Even the sex free moments were hot, the tension and lust between the two screaming out at you.

Honestly, this was such a fun read. If you enjoyed the two prior books, I’m sure you’ll love this one.

As a final note, I would like to thank the author for allowing me to advance read this one. I’m one again eagerly awaiting the next instalment!

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