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Friday, 7 April 2017

Review: Deviant Storm

Deviant Storm Deviant Storm by L.M. Preston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found Purgatory Reign, the first book in the series, to be somewhat difficult to get through. It was an interesting story, yet it wasn’t all I had hoped it would be. Deviant Storm, on the other hand, pulled me in from the start and I found I couldn’t put the book down. In fact, I can safely say I enjoyed Deviant Storm a lot more than I enjoyed Purgatory Reign.

Personally, I found Deviant Storm to be a much stronger book in so many ways. Whilst book one was a nice introduction to the world, Deviant Storm was much clearer when it came to the events. You had a better understanding of the world, you knew how things were connected, and the storyline pulled you much deeper into the happenings. I really could rant and rave for a very long time about all the reasons why book two is stronger, but I’ll stick to the main things I enjoyed.

Book one had a lot going on, yet I felt as though the pacing wasn’t quite there. I felt as though certain things seemed to drag on whereas other things were glossed over. Such wasn’t the case with this second book: I feel as though the pacing of this one fit the story perfectly. From the get-go, the story is moving at a rapid pace. Slowly things unfold, new details are revealed, yet throughout there is a constant edge-of-your-seat pace. It’s wonderful when information is fed to you slowly whilst the action of the story remains at a rapid pace.

Speaking of new information, the twists added in this one are wonderful. The first book had a lot of information, but I didn’t feel as though there was anything overly mind blowing. This second book add a lot of new aspects, with these new parts of the story taking the series to new places. Honestly, I was so pleased with the details added in this story.

I will admit to having one slight issue with the way the information was shared, though. You see, certain details relating to the supernatural world seemed to come out of nowhere. Characters seemed to simply know all of a sudden, without there being any explanation as to where the information came from. I liked all the new information that was given, but I wish it hadn’t appeared as though it was plucked out of thin air. It was a small issue, though, one of the only things that I didn’t particularly enjoy with this one.

My favourite aspect, though, has to be the characters. They developed even more from the first book, and I really like the way they’re growing as characters. Moreover, our cast expanded with this book. It was so nice to be introduced to some new characters, characters that are important to the story. Plus, we got to see some characters from the prior book, learning more about them. Honestly, the character growth in this book really was a lot of fun.

Overall, this second book was such a strong addition to the series. It has left me super interested to see where things go from here, leaving me positive this series is going to reach some wonderful heights.

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