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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Review: Going All the Way

Going All the Way Going All the Way by Megan Ryder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although Going All The Way is the first in the Knights of Passion series, it is not the first of the books I have read. Each is a standalone novel, though, so it’s perfectly acceptable to pick and choose which ones you want to read (although I would suggest reading them in order). Having read the most recent of the books first – book three – I found it was nice to go back and read where the series started.

As the first book in the series, Going All The Way is a great introduction to the world. Having read a couple of the author’s books, I can safely say this book delivers all she is known for – passion, emotion, and a gripping tale. I’ll admit that it isn’t my favourite of her books, but it is a great first read for the series. Had I not already read one of the other books in the series, this one would have ensured I went on to read the future books. It sets the tone well, it leaves us with the promise of better things to come – and not to give any spoilers, but the later book in the series that I have already read does deliver even more than this one. In fact, I now plan to go on and read the second book in the series to ensure I am up to date with the Knights of Passion.

Going All The Way is a story of complex characters and the connection between the two. From the very start I was pulled into the characters story, wanting to know how things played out. They both gripped me, leaving me wanting more. Although there was some predictability to be seen, although certain reveals about the past were a bit on the clich├ęd side, I couldn’t help but love them both. There was a wonderful chemistry between the two of them, they worked so well together, and the development that occurred throughout was great to see. I admit that there were some points in the story where things seem to lull somewhat, but as a whole the story was a great read that gave so much more than a simple sports romance.

Overall, this was a great introduction to the series. Even though I know nothing about baseball, I’ve certainly fallen in love with the characters in this series. I am, without a doubt, excited to read the remaining book needed for me to be up to date with the series.

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