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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Review: Any Day Now

Any Day Now Any Day Now by Robyn Carr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Any Day Now is the second book in Robyn Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series, although it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel. I, personally, read it as a standalone novel, and whilst I now wish to go and read the first book in the series, the desire to read the first book is because I want to know more about the series and not because of a lack of understanding. Basically, my reasons for a desire to read book one, is because I fell in love with all of the characters, and I wish to know the story that resulted in the beautiful connection I saw between the characters in this story.

I’ll admit that it took me a while to fall in love with Any Day Now. For the first couple of chapters I had a feeling of ‘okay’, there was nothing overly dramatic in terms of how I felt towards it. Once I was part way through the story, though, I finally fell into the book. I fell in love with the characters, and as more was added to the story I found there was even more for me to love about it. By the time I was halfway through, I’d fallen in love with the characters and I had a clear indication of where the story was to go – I knew there would be some kind of action towards the end, I knew there would be events that would leave me completely engrossed in the story.

Throughout, I found the characters to be wonderfully realistic. They all have their own problems, their own baggage, and their own issues to bring to the story; yet, despite this, they have their positive traits too. The same in true for the relationships that are seen throughout – there was ups and downs, highs and lows, along with everything else you need to create a story that is both addictive and true to life. Moreover, I found the specific issues dealt with in this story to have been treated wonderfully. There were emotions attached and yet we did not get pulled down by them – there was feeling and a determination for the story to move forward. It wasn’t simply that life moved our characters forward; rather, they developed and overcame the issues they had faced in their lives.

The only thing that disappointed me somewhat was how quickly the action at the end of the book was over. We spent so much of the book with development and build up, that I had anticipated something a little bit more from the end. I enjoyed it, yes, but it wasn’t quite at the same kind of kick that I experienced from the deeply emotional way in which all the other aspects of the book was written. The emotion was still there, I cannot deny that, but it didn’t hit me in quite the same manner as I had hoped it would.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this one and I’ll certainly need to look into getting my hands on the first book in the series.

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