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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Review: Just Like That

Just Like That Just Like That by Nicola Rendell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my word: Just Like That is a must read for any romance fan.

It’s sweet in all the right places; it’s steamy in all the right places; it’s humorous in all the right places; it’s emotional in all the right places. All in all, it does everything a good romance read should do, giving the reader plenty to fangirl about both during the reading of the book and upon finishing it. Honestly, I could go on and on and on – therefore, I apologise in advance should this review turns into a rambling mess of feels.

Just Like That starts off like any good romance: the initial introduction of the characters, and that pull they experience. This scene alone was enough to leave me falling in love with our leading male. The untangling line he used – well, damn. It was cheesy yet it was perfect. In fact, that sums up our male as a whole. There are times where his lines left me rolling my eyes, there were times where I questioned how he was wooing the woman so well, and yet everything that left his mouth left me wishing that I was experiencing his pickup lines because damn.

Fear not, though, as our leading lady is not the type to drop her panties at the first smooth line our male drops. It takes intervention through the form of mixed up suitcases for her to agree to anything with him – and from there it is a whirlwind of events. Food poisoning. Hospital trips. Intervening best friend. Hilarious dog scenes. Crazy family members. Romantic gestures. Laughter and tears. You name it and this book has it. How the duo managed to survive so much happening in such a short period of time, I don’t know. I would have dropped of exhaustion after a couple of days.

Honestly, though, without going into the specifics of the events, this book does contain so many different situations. It managed to merge sweet and steamy so well that I fear it gave me whiplash – the best kind of whiplash. Everything came together so well, so many emotions were experienced, with every tiny detail pulling me deeper and deeper into the story. I laughed out loud, I became a bundle of nerves, I found myself shouting at the characters – this book did all it could to ensure I was well and truly lost in the world.

Seriously, there were so many brilliant scenes. There really is so much I wish to say more about – so many things I wish to highlight, things I wish to explain through examples – but I fear I will slip into the realm of spoilers if I become any more specific than this flighty approach I’m using. Everything is so well connected, each and every detail important to the story. Without a doubt, this book is a thing of beauty. Hell, the dog scenes alone are enough to ensure the love of most readers.

Despite all of my love for the story, I couldn’t quite bring myself to give the book a five star rating. It was a solid four star read, yet the ending left me wanting more. The ending pulled things together well, I cannot deny that, but compared to the rest of the book it all seemed very sudden. Throughout we have these heart pounding scenes, we face every kind of emotion possible, and then the ending just sort of hits you. I feel as though it wasn’t quite the high of the rest of the book, I feel as though things slipped ever so slightly at the end. Almost as though it was a case of ‘here, have this ending’ with slightly less of the amazing thrown into the events.

Overall, though, this was a fabulous read. I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for their next wonderful romance escape.

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