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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Review: Trigger

Trigger Trigger by Scarlett Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came across Scarlett Dawn through The Complex series. It’s a wonderful collection of stories, a collection that introduced me to some new authors. With Scarlett Dawn, upon finishing her story Blade of Forever, I knew I would need to read more of her books. Thus, I was more than happy to jump into Trigger.

Trigger is the first book in the Origin series, and it sets up the series so well. I’ll admit it wasn’t perfect, but it has left me super excited to see where the series heads from here. I have so many questions, so many things I wish to find out more about, that it would be silly not to continue. At this point, it’s imperative I read the next one.

From the start, I was pulled into Trigger, curious about the world I had entered. It has everything I’ve been told a Scarlett Dawn book has, everything I experienced in Blade of Forever. There are many steamy moments; there’s action; there’s mystery; there’s drama; there’s love shining bright. As a whole, it gives us everything you could expect from such a read.

As I said, though, the book was not perfect. Whilst it had all the aspects needed for a brilliant read, I felt as though some elements were lacking somewhat. Although there was action, I feel that we were never given the big moment that is vital for these kinds of stories. At one point I thought we were about to get it… but it didn’t happen. Due to this, I feel as though the action aspect of the book was a bit disappointing. It promises so much, yet it didn’t fulfil with this one. Because of this, I’m hoping the next book in the series makes up for what was lacking here.

I also hope that the next book does a bit more world building. Whilst the world was very interesting, and I fell in love with it, I feel as though I didn’t understand it as well as I would have liked. You see, I positively adore world building. I want to know every single detail possible. I want the world to truly come to life before my eyes. With this one, the world just seemed to exist. We were given some information about the history, about how the world turned into the dystopian lifestyle we glimpse, but we never fully understood it. As someone who is crazy about world building, I just wanted more.

Despite these things, I was addicted to the story. It was one I was more than happy to consume in a single sitting. It was all kinds of addictive, with so many elements of the story pulling me in.

My biggest love, however, was the characters. They were erring on the side of perfection, with their clich├ęd ways and overdone traits, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between the two of them. In fact, watching the relationship shift between our main characters meant I didn’t really notice the lack of action until the book was finished. I was so caught up in their story that it wasn’t until I put the book aside that I realised that peak moment wasn’t all it should have been.

It’s not only the main characters who are wonderful, though. The side characters are also a lot of fun. I cannot wait to read more about the men who were introduced in this story; I cannot wait to see how their romantic storylines play out and influence the overall story.

All in all, I’m excited to see where this series goes. Whilst Trigger didn’t quite hit every high point I’d been hoping for, it was certainly enough to leave me super excited about the rest of the series.

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