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Monday, 3 April 2017

Review: Tempt The Boss

Tempt The Boss Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tempt The Boss was my first Natasha Madison read, and it was so much more than I’d expected. It was one seriously addictive read, filled with all kinds of emotions, and has left me eager to see what else the author has to offer.

I opened Tempt The Boss on my phone as I was walking home from work. It was a nice day, and I just wanted something nice to go with the weather. I expected to open it up, read a few chapters, close it when I got home, and open it up the next day on the way to work. Turns out such was not to happen. As soon as I started reading the story, I was unable to put it down. My phone remained in my hand until I’d finished the book. I walked home reading it. I got changed reading it. I made dinner reading it. I’m fairly certain I only pulled my eyes away from my phone in the moments where I may have harmed myself from not paying attention to the outside world – and even then it was hard. Seriously hard. As in ‘I will cross this busy road without looking because I’m so engrossed’ kind of hard.

So yeah, you could say I was a little bit addicted to this one. It’s not unusual for me to one sit a book – it happens more often than it should, if I’m honest – but for me to put aside necessary things, for me to ignore what is going on around me, is a sure sign of a brilliant book. I couldn’t have been more addicted had this been a hard-core drug and I a lifetime user. I was sucked into this story beyond anything I could have expected.

I’ll be truthful, I honestly didn’t expect to be this addicted to the story. Yes, the book had sounded wonderful; but I hadn’t expected something that was quite this gripping. You see, I expected the typical storyline for this kind of novel. Whilst there were some of the usual trademarks for this trope, as a whole it was so much more. The chemistry between the characters was wonderful; the storyline moved at a rapid pace; the characters were multidimensional; the events were filled with emotions; and I feel in love with every aspect of the story.

My favourite aspect, though, has to be the amount of humour I experienced throughout the story. I really hadn’t been anticipating so many giggles. The events that took place – well, I turned many heads walking down the road due to the laughter bubbling from my lips. I couldn’t hold it back; it was seriously laugh out loud funny stuff. My only disappoint was that I wanted more of this humour. It was so wonderful that I wanted it to carry on for longer. I wanted more scenes where this humour was evidence, more drama in the form of laugh out loud funny moments.

Not that the drama stops when the laugher dies down, oh no. The drama is consistent throughout the entire story, and that’s what left me so addicted. There were times where I wanted nothing more than to shake the characters for the choices they were making, but it added to the drama so well that I simply rolled with it. Rarely do I accept these things, rarely can I ignore my need to throttle a character, even when there is plenty of drama involved, yet I managed it with this one. The story came together so well that I allowed myself to live and breathe it, even when I wasn’t happy with how things were playing out, because I knew it was heading somewhere beautiful.

Honestly, I could fan girl so much about this one. I very rarely hand out five stars, but this one was so close. Truthfully, it was little things that stopped me from giving a five star rating. I wanted the book to be longer; I wanted the amusing scenes to continue on for longer; I wish the ending had been a bit harder hitting than it was. As I said, tiny things – but I’m really hard to pull a five star rating out of. As it is, this is a very strong four star read.

It’s certainly worth a read if you want something steamy with plenty of humour involved.

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