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Monday, 1 May 2017

Review: Boss Unyielding

Boss Unyielding Boss Unyielding by Nicole R. Locker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Boss Unyielding is one of those quick addictive reads that you’ll want to – and probably will – complete in one sitting. It’s short and to the point, delivering the kind of story that keeps you hooked throughout. Note, although I gave this a four star rating, it isn’t quite a full four stars from me. It is close enough that I had to round up my rating, but I’ll explain later in my review why I feel as though it fell just short of being a solid four star read.

From the first page, I was pulled into this story. It is a story that has been done many times – older attractive head of a big company – but it is one that never grows old. It works for a reason, and if done correctly it leads to a wonderful story. This one is wonderful in that it leaves us waiting, we slowly watch as our characters battle their desires, before one night leads to everything changing. There really was such wonderful build up: both our characters were interesting, the chemistry between them was wonderful to read, and watching as their feelings changed and were slowly shown was a lot of fun.

Despite being such a short read, this one felt like a slow burner. Slow burning romances are my favourites, and I especially love it when short stories manage a steady pace in regards to the romance. Oh, the attraction was there from the start, but watching everything come together was wonderful. Oftentimes, these stories can be a case of characters jumping into bed together after a day, but this one moves us at a steady rate before the characters get together.

As you would expect with any enjoyable book in this genre, there is more to it than a simple office romance. There’s something more, something deeper, that begs to be explained. Whilst I enjoyed this aspect of the story, this is what I felt somewhat let down by. It was such an interesting addition to the story, yet I felt as though I wasn’t given all of the information. I was left with questions regarding specifics, questions I would have liked to be answered. It was an enjoyable way to add something more to the book, I cannot deny that, but I feel as though it wasn’t as developed as the rest of the story. I would be fine with these questions hanging, if I felt like they were going to be answered; however, as the story was brought to a conclusion, I feel as though the question surrounding this book will just be hanging in the air.

Overall, though, it was an enjoyable read. I was addicted throughout, and I’m certainly interested in giving the author’s other work a read.

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