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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Review: Strangers In The Night

Strangers In The Night Strangers In The Night by Cynthia Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Strangers in the Night is the second book in the Love Song Standards series. Although it is the second book in the series, it is perfectly possible to read this as a standalone novel. Each book is named after a famous romance song (a wonderful notion in and of itself), and tells an individual story. You can pick and choose which of the books you read, you can read them in any order – however if you decide to jump into the series, I can assure you that you’ll soon find yourself wanting to read them all.

I’ll be completely honest and say it took me slightly longer to be pulled into Strangers in the Night than the first book in the series. Unchained Melody starts with a real bang, throwing us straight into the action, whereas Strangers in the Night is a much softer read. Although this meant it took me slightly longer to get into the book, I found such a thing to be wonderful. I’ve read so many deeply emotional romances recently, so many edge of your seat reads with all the dramatic events you can think of thrown into a single novel, that it was nice to read something with a more relaxed pace to it.

It’s almost a simple story, in that sense. It isn’t one of those books where we’re pulled all over the place through dramatic life events and nasty exes. It reads more like a reflection of real life everyday romance, which makes for an extremely refreshing read. It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, neither is it a drama – it’s a happy medium, where we have enough to keep us intrigued whilst allowing us to envision this story truly playing out in the real world.

What Strangers in the Night amounts to, is a quick and easy read that pulls you in from the very start. From the very start, you’re curious as to how events will play out. From the start, you hope for the best. As the story develops, the characters grow on you. As the story develops, you cannot help but slip into the world. It really is an addictive read, one of those stories you feel compelled to finish as soon as possible. You need to know what events played out, and you cannot escape until you’ve seen the way in which the story comes together.

As a whole, it was a great read. It was a nice break from the harder hitting romance novels I’ve been reading recently, the kind that leave you in knots because the stories are so dark. I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who wishes to take a step back from such romances, along with anyone who loves the simpler romance stories that are out there.

Once again, I’m excited for what the next book in the series will bring.

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