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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Review: Survivor

Survivor Survivor by Victoria Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Earlier this year I read I Wanna Get Laid By Kade, which Victoria Johns wrote with Nikki Ashton. I’ve recently become a big fan of Nikki Ashton, so I was positive I’d enjoy it, yet I was curious as to what Victoria Johns would bring to the table. Although I cannot pick the book apart and say ‘Nikki wrote this whereas Victoria wrote that’, I can safely say I really enjoyed the book. Thus, I was left wanting to read a Victoria Johns book. It may have taken me a couple of months, but I can now say I have done so.

Survivor is the first book in the Soul Mates series, and I cannot wait to see what comes next. The story was all kinds of addictive, and I found myself unable to put the book down. Although the story does cross over with the author’s Soul Sisters series, it is not necessary to have read those books. Personally, I have yet to read them and I managed to understand this story with ease. I now wish to go on to read the Soul Sister books, and have some idea of the events that will play out, but the information I have is not enough to ruin the Soul Sister series. I personally think it may be better to read the other series first, yet it clearly isn’t a necessity.

Survivor is a book that leaves you guessing, the information pertaining to the characters slowly appearing as you work your way through the story. From the first page, you’re intrigued by their stories, yet specifics are lacking. As the specifics become apparent, the pacing of the story increases. You know something bad is to happen, you know dire events are ahead, and yet you never really know how everything will come together. Believe me when I say the way things came together was not expected. It was such an unexpected twist and I found myself loving the way the end of the story unfolded. It really wasn’t what I had expected for the coming together of the action and mystery surrounding the lives of our characters.

In addition to the suspense, we have a wonderful romantic story. I positively adored the interactions between the characters. We’re given plenty of sweet moments alongside numerous hot scenes. It was a wonderful combination of the two, leaving me desperate for more. I did, however, guess certain details that would come into play at the end of the book. Not that such a thing was bad, merely that I knew a certain thing would play out. As the action and mystery took an unexpected twist, the way this information came about was completely different to what I had anticipated. Nevertheless, I positively adored the couple.

Overall, it was a wonderful read. I was addicted throughout and I cannot wait to read more of the author’s work. For starters I need to go and jump into the Soul Sister series, and from there we shall have to wait and see what Victoria Johns gives us next – whatever happens, I’m sure it will be wonderfully addictive.

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