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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Review: Forbidden Promises

Forbidden Promises Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forbidden Promises is the fourth book in Katee Robert’s O’Malley series, although it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel. I read it as a standalone novel, and now have the intense desire to go and read the rest of the series. Part of this is to fill in a few of the knowledge blanks I have (although it’s nothing so major as to ruin the individual story, it was little things that seem to play in with the overall storyline of the series), but mostly this desire exists because I want to know more about the world I entered. I came to enjoy our main characters so much, and the side characters left me more than interested to see how their stories played out.

From the start, Forbidden Promises pulled me in. I was addicted from the get-go, unable to put the book down for any period of time. In fact, a few snippy comments were sent my way when people at work noticed my head buried in the book. It really does grip you hard, leaving you curious as to how things will play out. The action and the romance addictive in equal measures, both pulling you deeper and deeper into the world. Usually I can point my finger and say whether I enjoyed the action or the romance more, yet such is not possible with this one. Both had me hooked for very different reasons, both were amazing.

Although the story mainly follows our leading couple, there are undertones of a much deeper story. This is the overall storyline I referred to earlier, and these were the only parts I found hard to get into. The more I read, the more I enjoyed these elements, yet they didn’t make as much sense as they would have if I’d read the prior book. Thus, whilst I say it’s possible to enjoy this as a standalone novel, I would suggest reading the series in order. Moreover, if like me you read this and then plan to go back and read the prior books, reading Forbidden Promises will result in some pretty big spoilers for the rest of the series.

Focusing solely upon the leading characters, without focusing upon the elements of the story relevant to the overall series arc, I can honestly say I adored them. I fell in love with both of the characters, and watching them develop throughout the book was wonderful. Although I wasn’t overjoyed about everything that played out – some things felt a bit too predictable for my liking – the majority of their story left me with a stupid grin on my face. It really is a book filled with emotions, taking you on a wild journey. You’re never quite sure what emotion you will experience next, and everything you’re made to experience will leave you loving the story even more. Whether it’s happiness at the romantic scenes or worry during the action scenes, this story is constantly pulling some kind of emotion from you.

Without a doubt, my introduction to Katee Robert has left me wanting more. I’m positive any fan of the series will love this story.

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