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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review: Church

Church Church by Michelle Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m going to be upfront by saying this isn’t a full four star rating from me. I opted to round up because I was truly addicted to this one, but in all honesty I wasn’t as crazy about it as I had hoped to be. I cannot deny that I enjoyed it; I simply found it wasn’t quite all I had hoped it would be.

Church has as similar premise to quite a few book in this genre. We have the influential businessman with a dark past, intense sexual desires, and a personality nobody would ever want to love; we also have the virgin female lead who manages to fall into his trap. I’ll admit that the coming together of these characters was an interesting change to the norm, but I wasn’t quite convinced by the reactions the characters had to the events that transpired. It was a nice change to what I’m accustomed to, yet I felt as though the way people responded wasn’t quite all it should have been. I expected there to be something more in terms of denial or fighting, instead it seemed as though people rolled with this highly unlikely event with ease.

I know it’s fiction, so these things always will never be what you expect to see in everyday life; nonetheless, I would have liked for it to have a bit more in terms of complex decision making to make it feel more real to me. This, in part, is largely due to my reading preferences within the genre. I always favour such reads when I truly connect with the characters and the choices they made, with this one I found some of the actions a little bit hard to get behind.

Nevertheless, I was addicted to the story as it played out. I was intrigued to see how events would come together, and how all the details of the story would reach fruition. I never quite fell in love with our main characters in the way I had hoped to, yet that failed to lessen my enjoyment of their story. I appreciated what they had, even if I was not shipping it in the way other fans will. Not to mention, when the story became steamy, I was more than happy to overlook my misgivings regarding the characters.

Overall, I was thoroughly addicted to this one. It was another of those one sit reads, one I managed to finish in the space of a couple of hours through my need to see how things played out. Without a doubt, I’ll be looking to read more of the author’s work.

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