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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review: The Truth About Love: Vol: III

The Truth About Love: Vol: III The Truth About Love: Vol: III by Anna Bloom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Truth About Love series are the stories that introduced me to Anna Bloom. Since reading volumes one and two, I have since gone on to download more Anna Bloom books. Sadly, between the release of volume two and volume three, I have only been able to read The Game. However, reading volume three of The Truth About Love has simply reiterated how I need to go and jump into the other Anna Bloom stories I have sitting on my Kindle.

Volume one of The Truth About Love focused upon the story of Eve and Cameron. Despite my prejudice against short stories, I really enjoyed it. I fell in love with the characters, I was pulled into the storyline, I experienced a wide range of emotions, and I was left wanting more. The cliff-hanger of an ending had me jumping straight into volume two.

Volume two of The Truth About Love told the story of Cherry and Jared. Going into the story, I wasn’t crazy about the change of focus. Despite this, I came to love the story. I enjoyed volume two even more than I enjoyed volume one. It’s a very different kind of story, but it linked back to volume one so well.

Volume three of The Truth About Love brings everything together. Whilst it was a great end to the series, it didn’t quite top volume two – it was wonderful, I love the way things came together, but the award for my favourite volume in the series is being handed to volume two.

Picking up where volume two left off, we’re thrown back into the drama that is the relationship between Eve and Cameron. As with the prior volumes in the story, Anna Bloom fits a lot of drama into very few pages. We bounce from one event to the next, we get to experience so much, and the rollercoaster of their relationship reaches the conclusion we’ve all been hoping to receive. There are plenty of moments in which we’re left hanging, our emotions are played with, but the story leaves us with the smile on our face that we’ve been waiting to experience.

Overall, it was a great conclusion to a wonderful little series. If anyone is looking for a quick sweet read, The Truth About Love is a series to pick up. You need to work through all three books, as each is connected and based heavily upon prior events, but you will not regret grabbing all three and enjoying the ride.

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