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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Review: Serenity Harbor

Serenity Harbor Serenity Harbor by RaeAnne Thayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Serenity Harbor is the sixth book in the Haven Point series, yet it can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. I enjoyed it as a standalone novel and had no issues falling in love with the characters and the town. In fact, I now plan to go and read the prior books in the series, as I wish to know more about the characters and the romances that are already in existence. Moreover, I already have book seven sitting on my Kindle, ready to be read extremely soon.

The tale of Serenity Harbor is, in all honesty, quite a simple one. The simplicity of the tale, however, merely adds to the impact of the story. It gives us a realistic tale of love, the story of two people finding love when they least expect it. It’s simple and sweet, yet I can easily imagine it happening in the world. It made a nice chance from the drama filled romance novels I so often read. Whilst you’re pulled into this one, the story holds a tight grip because you’re interested in the characters, not because you’re curious as to how the drama will play out. I’m not saying this story is completely drama free – every romance story has drama to a certain degree – yet we’re not forced into life or death situations in every other chapter. As I said, realistic.

For me, the strongest part of the story was in our child character. I often find that young children can make or break stories, especially when they’re pivotal to the storyline. Sometimes it can feel as though the author has included them simply as a prop, never allowing you to develop feelings for the child. Such is not the case here. Whilst my heart was doing regular summersaults due to the romance between our lead characters, it was beating an even faster rate when we spent time watching the child develop. He truly is a wonderful character. You love him, you want the best for him, and you cannot help but connect with the story because of him. He really is a wonderful character. Add in the fact we have another child in the background, another we grow to care about, and this book pulls at your heartstrings in a large variety of ways.

Without a doubt, this is an emotion filled read. I’m not saying you’ll be sitting holding tissues to your eyes to blot away the tears nor will you be chuckling at every other sentence – it’s not the extreme ends of the emotional scale. This a more subtle emotional read, one that slowly pulls at your heartstrings. Every so often, there will be an extra dip into the emotional cocktail, one that leaves you with palpitations you cannot ignore, yet with the emotion being consistent throughout, it’s hard to notice when you’re sucked into the story just how deeply you’ve connected with each of the characters.

Without a doubt, you’ll be sucked into this one, addicted from start to end. It quickly becomes a story you cannot put down, in my case forcing me to read it in a single sitting. You need to know what happens. You need the specifics of how everything plays out. You need to see the emotions through until the end of the story.

If you’re looking for a beautiful romance, look no further than Serenity Harbor. It will leave you enchanted with the Haven Point series and wanting more.

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