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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Review: The Stone Sisters: Lyssa

The Stone Sisters: Lyssa The Stone Sisters: Lyssa by Bekah Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read and really enjoyed Bekah Clark’s The Hawk In Winter, I was super excited to jump into another of her books. The Stone Sisters: Lyssa is a very different kind of read, and whilst I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I enjoyed The Hawk In Winter, I did have a lot of fun with it.

In a number of ways, The Stone Sisters: Lyssa reminded me of the Lux series. I’m positive fans of the Lux series will eat this one up, finding themselves super excited to see what happens throughout this series. Fear not, however, just because it reminded me of the Lux series, I am not saying this is a copy of the book. Far from it, in fact. It’s merely that the book that entered my mind as I was reading it, making me realise this is the perfect book for Lux fans. I said when reading The Hawk In Winter, Bekah Clark deserves a large fan base. I know the Lux series has a huge fan base always looking for their next read with the same kind of feel. Well, I’m certainly going to be pointing those people towards this book in the future.

It’s rather unclear at the start of this book what genre we are dealing with. We have interesting events that pull us in, leaving us with the belief a paranormal world is about to open up. As the story stars to move, comments are made that leave us believing paranormal is not the correct way to label this book. A few chapters in and the information is given that leaves us with the knowledge this is a science fiction read rather than an urban fantasy read. It may be a bit off putting for some people, but I love a good science fiction read. Then again, I know a lot of people will still label this urban fantasy. It’s one of those sticky situations when it comes to the labelling of genre. Whatever you decide to label it, the book will grip you.

It has everything you can hope for from a drama filled teenage read where the teens in questions are something more than mere humans. You have the high school drama you find in all such books, you have the romantic elements that pull you in, you have questions relating to information that is slowly fed to you, you have action that pulls you in, and a whole range of other wonderful elements.

I confess that such reads are not my favourite. I feel as though I’ve grown out of the high school setting, and due to this, I feel as though my view on this one is not quite the high it will be for other readers. It was a fun read, I cannot deny that, but it wasn’t as up my street as The Hawk In Winter. You see, I prefer lots and lots of action – when there was action it was great, but there was also a lot of this book put aside to deal with the events happening in school. It’s a personal preference that left me somewhat disinterested in some of these scenes, but I can easily recognise fans of such stories will love all that went on. Not to mention, I was gripped throughout the entire book.

Moreover, I feel as though the next book will bring us all kinds of highs. A lot of this book was pulling us into the bigger picture, and now we have some kind of information, I’m positive the next book will deliver a variety of highs. Due to this, I’m super excited to read the next book in the series – there are so many things I wish to know more about, and I cannot wait to get answers.

Overall, an enjoyable read. It is certainly worth reading if you’re someone coming off the Lux high and looking for a book with a similar feel – or is you’re simply looking for an addictive read that will have you turning page after page.

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