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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Review: A Good Vengeance

A Good Vengeance A Good Vengeance by Louisa Lo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vengeance Be Mine was a wonderful introduction to this series, and I was quickly left wanting more. Without a second thought, I jumped into the prequel, Before Vengeance. Before Vengeance was a wonderful read, yet it left me wanting more of Serafina. It left me wanting more of the series as a whole, but my biggest wish was more Serafina. Hence why I jumped into Vengeance Unclaimed, hoping it would control my needs. It’s a short, but wonderful, story that fits between Vengeance Be Mine and A Good Vengeance. For such a short story, it really does give us so much. There are also references made to the story in this one. Therefore, I suggest you read Vengeance Unclaimed before diving into A Good Vengeance.

As for whether I enjoyed A Good Vengeance – I can honestly say I enjoyed it even more than the prior stories I have read in this series. Every new story added seems to take the series to new heights, and I cannot wait to see where we head from here. I am hooked, and I’ll be following this series until it reaches a conclusion. A conclusion I believe will be epic – because, honestly, the possibilities for this series are mind blowing.

Like the other stories in the series, A Good Vengeance pulls you into the story from the very first page. You’re thrown right into the vengeance world, and before you know what is happening things are spiralling out of control. It is wonderful, allowing for an action packed read that keeps you engaged throughout. Everything hits you, event after event, leaving you with whiplash as you try to wrap your head around all the new information provided in the heat of the story.

Vengeance Be Mine introduced us to a new and interesting urban fantasy world. A Good Vengeance takes us to new heights, expanding the world, and leaving us invested in so many different creatures. Throughout new creatures are introduced and those we’re already aware of develop, the two different aspects interwoven seamlessly, allowing for a beautiful development of the wonderful world Louisa Lo has created.

It’s not just the world and creatures that develop, though, as the characters also develop. This book gives us chapters told from Megan’s perspective and from Serafina’s perspective, which I truly loved. Whilst a part of me favours Serafina as a character (her prequel story left me so invested in her life), I favour reading things from Megan’s perspective (her internal thoughts are so entertaining). Through following both of the characters, we get a much bigger picture of the supporting cast. So many characters develop due to the events of this book, yet seeing them from different perspectives also helped to make them come alive. Whilst I enjoyed many of the developments that took place throughout this book – all were amazing – I have a special place in my heart for Fir’s development. He added so much humour to the story – I just loved how alive he became in this one, becoming a fast favourite.

Another thing I really enjoyed in this one was how Louisa Lo kept in line with the low levels of romance. It is there, it is vital to the story, yet it is subtle. Both of the romantic subplots were important, yet they never overpowered the overall story, and both were important. The romance has a reason in this story; it’s not just there to make this story ‘interesting’. I particularly enjoyed how vastly different the romantic details were, allowing for completely different reading experiences, and I loved how seamlessly they flowed. I feel as though the romance will come to play a bigger part in the future of the series, yet I’m hopeful it will never become as romance heavy as most of the urban fantasy novels on the market. It’s refreshing for the romance to take a bit of a step back.

Whilst many will be intrigued by the romance moving forward, it is not the only thing to progress. There are very large shifts in this book, giving you a clear indication of what you can expect from the rest of the series. For those who are looking, there are also a lot of smaller details that leave you with questions and suspensions regarding the future of characters and events. It’s done so well, leaving you with a feeling of a large push forward whilst leaving you with a number of questions that still need answering. Without a doubt, it has left me super expected to pick up the next book to see what happens.

After all, that ending is a big ‘pick up the next story’ if I have ever seen one. I need answers, and I need them now.

Overall, a wonderful addition to the series. If you’ve yet to jump into this world, I certainly suggest you do. Like me, you shall be left addicted and jumping from one book to the next.

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