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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Review: Hell Hath No Vengeance

Hell Hath No Vengeance Hell Hath No Vengeance by Louisa Lo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

Hell Hath No Vengeance is yet another wonderful addition to the Vengeance Demons series. Words cannot begin to explain how much fun I’m finding this series – it really is an addictive read. Knowing I have to wait for the next book… yeah, withdrawals are going to hit me hard.

Hell Hath No Vengeance has a different feel to the prior books in this series, and in many ways this makes the book even more loveable. It still has all you have come to expect of a Vengeance Demons book, from the humour to the action, yet there is something strikingly different about this one. Whilst Hell Hath No Vengeance does move the overall story forward, it is a more character driven story than the prior books. We get to know so much more about a character we have all come to love.

Honestly, Gregory. I have no words. My mental voice breathed his name on a sigh as I wrote it. This book really does open your eyes to his character. He becomes so much more than the mercenary, the love interest, or whatever you’ve been labelling him as. In this book, he truly comes alive. His past opens up, you get to see behind the armour, and you come to understand him so much better. I love how the romance has developed slowly throughout this series, and this book does so many things to help us fall in love with Gregory and the romantic subplot of this series. It really was wonderful. I could rant and rave for a very long time, but I would never be able to explain the development in full. It is something you need to experience to appreciate.

As I said, this book isn’t simply a character heavy story. A lot of the book focuses upon opening up Gregory, but the overall story does move forward. The way in which things develop are vastly different to how things have been developing in the prior books, and this new element of the world opens up so many new possibilities. I cannot wait to see what comes around next. There are so many things still to be resolved from the prior books and many new things have been added. That ending in particular – hot damn. There’s a reason why I’m so desperate to grab the next book.

Honestly, I cannot wait until the next book in the series is realised. This series is going from strength to strength and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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