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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Review: Stepbrother Anonymous

Stepbrother Anonymous Stepbrother Anonymous by Aria Cole
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Stepbrother Anonymous is my third Aria Cole read. I’ll say in advance, I’m not really a fan of her work. I’ve read three of her stories as a way to say I did give her a try, but I think it is now safe to say Aria Cole is not for me. It’s too much instalove, with lust and no real story, and whilst many will enjoy this, such is not what I want in my quick reads.

I’ve read quite a few stepsibling romance novels. Before entering my first one, I was tentative. I was unsure about the taboo element. Although it is not for everyone, I’ve found I don’t mind such tales – in fact, if done well, I rather enjoy them. There is plenty of space for drama and complex emotions when done correctly, making for an addictive read.

Sadly, I found Stepbrother Anonymous to be lacking in the elements that make these kinds of tales so interesting. It was lacking in the kind of drama that makes these tales so much fun. In fact, a large chunk of the story passed before we found out about the relation between the characters. There was a small amount of debate, nothing that really set of emotional chimes, and then we jumped straight back into instaemotions saving the day.

I wanted a read that would leave me experiencing all kinds of emotions, instead I was given a few hot moments and a very lacking story.

As I said, this is a confirmation Aria Cole is not for me.

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