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Friday, 4 August 2017

Review: Mistress of Justice

Mistress of Justice Mistress of Justice by Jeffery Deaver
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jeffery Deaver is one of those authors I have been meaning to pick up for a very long time. I constantly see his work in bookstores. His books appear in my recommendations. People I know have enjoyed his work. Therefore, it was about time that I picked up one of his books.

From what I can gather Mistress of Justice was not the best place to start my expedition into Jeffery Deaver’s work. From what I can gather, this isn’t the best example of his work. Due to this, I’m not going to base my entire judgement of Jeffery Deaver upon this one book. I have more of his work to read – I found quite a few going cheap and opted to grab them – and I’m hoping the future books I read will be more enjoyable.

I’m not saying Mistress of Justice was a bad book. I had highs and lows with it; I merely expected something more. As I said, I know many who have enjoyed his work. With this one, I found there were times when I was really interested, and then there were certain elements that really bored me. Like I said – highs and lows. Up and downs. When I was pulled into the story, I was really pulled in. When I was bored, well… I could put the book down and forget about it. I’m crossing my fingers that the future Jeffery Deaver books I read will contain more of the highs – I’ve seen it in reading this there clearly is the potential for great things, hence my belief in having started with the wrong book.

For me, I think my big issue is that there was too much happening in this story. There were multiple elements and the story kept shifting which of the characters was being followed in that moment. I rather enjoy stories with multiple interlinked elements – in fact, I favour when such is the case – yet I’m not a fan of the shifting viewpoint. I’d much rather stick to one person. In fact, I know such would have made this more enjoyable. A lot of my waxing and waning interest was based upon which character a scene involve. That’s just a reflection of my personal preference, though.

As my first Jeffery Deaver book, it was an okay read. It’s certainly left me interested in reading more, but it has not made me a lifelong fan.

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