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Monday, 20 February 2017

Review: Can't Stop the Music

Can't Stop the Music Can't Stop the Music by C.D. Hersh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Soul Mate Tree Collective is a series of standalone novellas that promises to give us a range of wonderful stories. Across thirteen months, we’re going to receive a new story each month, all stories relating back to the soul mate tree, with each story offering something very different. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It’s an instant ‘sign me up’ initiative.

Before we go any further, I wish to be honest and say I’m not on top of things when it comes to this series. I have yet to read January’s release – Realm of the Dragon – but I do plan to do so. Thus, my initial foray into the series came through February’s release – Can’t Stop the Music. Whilst contemporary romance isn’t my favourite genre, I can safely say this introduction to the series has certainly left me curious to see what else the authors involved in the project have to offer.

Not only is Can’t Stop the Music my first book in this series, it’s also my first C.D. Hersh read. Whilst you shouldn’t judge authors based upon a single book, such is what often happens. After reading a single book by an author, I generally decide whether or not I’m going to pick up their work. After all, there are so many authors out there that I want to spend my time reading work I know I’m going to enjoy. With C.D. Hersh, there’s the promise of more books in my future. It was such a gripping tale, that I’ve been left curious to see what their other stories are like.

Thus, Can’t Stop the Music has left me with two future endeavours: more of The Soul Mate Tree Collective and more C.D. Hersh.

All of this comes about through the story being all kinds of addictive. I’ll admit that at the very start I wasn’t quite pulled into the story. This, I attribute to my hit and miss relationship with contemporary romance. It always seemed to take me longer to get into contemporary romance, as it’s not my go-to genre. However, once this one pulled me in I found I couldn’t put it down. I was in need of answers; I needed to see what would come next.

It’s a story of true love, of destiny, of finding the one. It’s about second chances. It’s about believing in the possibility of magic. It’s about battling through the drama. This isn’t a simple ‘boy meets girl at concert’ story, this offers up so much more. Yes, the story begins at a music festival; however, the bulk of the story is told ten years down the line. We’re given the initial drama at the start, and things only multiple as we progress through the story.

Honestly, there’s so much happen for such a short story. It’s one that can be read very quickly, one that you’ll find yourself finishing in no time at all. Filled with emotions, you’re pulled in for the ride. Filled with twists, you don’t mind when one or two things are a bit predictable. Filled with all you can expect from a great contemporary romance, you will fall in love with the story.

Overall, despite being the second book in this series, it was a great introduction The Soul Mate Tree Collective and C.D. Hersh.

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