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Monday, 6 February 2017

Review: Saven Deliverance

Saven Deliverance Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well damn, what an ending. Honestly, I have like a million feels to rant about. Therefore, I apologise in advance if this review jumps around a lot – just know, it’s because I enjoyed this series so much, and I’m so sad to see it ending.

As with my review of the prior book, I’m going to give a little recap of my journey through the series. Again, it’s so that you can understand all the feels I experienced.

Siobhan Davis caught my attention through her True Calling book, and whilst I’ve still yet to read the series (I really need to amend that) I did join her advance read team for her Saven series. I had a little bit of an up and down with the first book, but for the most part I enjoyed it. The second book, I devoured. I finished the book in one sitting, and such has been the norm for this series ever since. You see, the cliff-hanger had me in all kinds of knots and the woman does not let up when it comes to leaving you with edge of your seat endings. Two-point-five was wonderful, going against my usual dislike of series novella. Then came book three, and this one hit me the hardest. There is no question that Defiance was my favourite book in the series. There was so much to it, so much I loved, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive waiting for the final book in the series.

Alas, there was a bit of a wait.

Truthfully, I was annoyed when I found out Deliverance was being delayed due to Siobhan Davis writing another series. I was all down for her writing something new, but the fangirl in me was cut up about it. Thus, to try and keep my broken heart together I did two things.

The first was to read Finding Kyler, the first book in that new series I’ve just mentioned. I loved it, and once again Siobhan Davis has me anxiously awaiting my next read. I could fangirl all about this series here, but I’ve already written a lengthy fangirl review for that book. Go and read it – I can assure you, it’s a worthwhile read. It’s very different but very much a Siobhan Davis book.

The second thing I did was to read the Lux series. The Saven series has been called the heir to the Lux series, and I’ve been meaning to read it for some time. In fact, the Lux series was sitting on my to-read list prior to me picking up the Saven series. Having now finished both series, though, I can honestly say I favour the Saven series. I can see where some similarities can be found, but as a whole the Saven series blows the Lux series out of the water and leaves you asking ‘what even is the Lux series’.

Despite my attempts to still my beating heart, I still went a little bit crazy when I managed to get my hands on the final Saven book. I think my entire street knew I’d received my advance read – such was my excitement. I jumped into Deliverance as soon as I had the chance, refusing to put it down until I was finished. This then left me with so many emotions at three in the morning that I hated myself for not savouring the story and reading it slowly.

You see, so much happens in this one. It is truly wonderful how everything is brought together. Siobhan Davis lengthened the Saven series to four books, and I’m so glad she did. With this one, she makes sure everything is brought together. Everyone and everything gets some kind of ending. She made sure she paid attention to every detail that had been brought up throughout the series, making sure we knew what had happened to all of the people and places we cared about.

The book starts off a month after the ending of Defiance. There’s a tiny bit of lull in the action due to this, but as always Siobhan Davis brings it back almost instantly. It’s not so much as a lull, as getting you reacquainted with the series. Once we’ve been properly pulled back into the series, Siobhan Davis brings out the big guns and everything starts to come together. I know I’ve said I loved the way everything was given an ending, but I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t completely happy with every ending that was given.

I think it was just the events in the first part of the book that I didn’t quite enjoy as much as I’d been hoping to. I’m not going to give spoilers and say what happens and who is involved, but the way certain things were brought to an end in the first part of the book didn’t please me as much as I would have liked. Siobhan Davis was brave for bringing the storyline I’m referencing to an end in the way she did, yet I had expected something more from that story arc.

Part of me also feels as though, at first, she was following a list. She was ticking off each story she needed to bring to an end. Honestly, it was just the first part of the book that felt this way. The last two thirds I really enjoyed, as everything was brought together in the wonderful way she mixed things together in book three, but at first I felt as though she was addressing each thing far too individually. It was great to see everything come together, but it didn’t really roll together in the way I had hoped it would until we were part way through the story.

Honestly, with so much going on, it’s not the worst thing that could have happened. As I said, she gave everything an ending. I loved ninety plus percent of it; it was just the odd thing here and there. In part, I think it’s the part of me that wishes this series wasn’t ending. I always manage to find things to complain about when my favourite series come to an end. I’m never satisfied, not completely. However, I should be, because Siobhan Davis has done one hell of a job with this series. It went from a series I was merely interested in to being a series I was completely addicted to: it became so much more than I had expected it would be, I came to enjoy it well beyond what I had initially believed.

Honestly, it was a great book. On top of ensuring everything was answered, Siobhan Davis was sure to throw in a few more twists. A couple were expected – things I’d been considering throughout the prior books was confirmed – but a few of the twists did catch me off guard. There were also some new aspects introduce, developing alien knowledge we’ve developed throughout the series.

I also really liked how we got some scenes from Logan’s point of view. It was great to allow us to know everything that was happening. More importantly, for me, was how it seemed to develop Logan as a character. I came to really enjoyed our main characters as a couple in the prior book, which also meant I came to enjoy Logan a lot more as a character. Being given some scenes from his point of view, however, helped him became much more solid in my mind. It was so nice to see what he was thinking, how he was feeling. He became something more in my mind, and I loved the little insight we were given. In fact, I wish we’d been given even more from his perspective as I enjoyed his point of view so much.

I really could say so much more. I want to say more. Yet I feel as though I’m saying everything and nothing in this review. I’m just such a fangirl, and my heart is broken because the series is ended, yet my heart has been fixed because I loved how it ended, but I don’t want to say too much as I have no wish to spoil things for people – all in all, this run on sentence could go on for a very long time, much like this review could. Thus, I’ll bring this review to an end.

In short, I loved this series. This final book is wonderful in bring everything together. If you’ve enjoyed the rest of the series then you need to read this, you need to see the wonderful ending Siobhan Davis has given us.

As a final note, I would like to say the biggest thank you to Siobhan Davis for allowing me to advance read this series. I loved it: thank you, thank you, and thank you. I cannot wait to read the short stories that are to be released, knowing they will go some way to keeping the series alive for longer as I await more tales with the characters I love.

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