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Friday, 3 February 2017

Review: Ponytail: The Love for Revenge

Ponytail: The Love for Revenge Ponytail: The Love for Revenge by Pradip Chauhan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ponytail: The Love for Revenge was a simple quick read. Whilst it was interesting, it didn’t quite pack the punch I’d been expecting.

The story is short, moving from one event to the next with quite some speed. I really enjoyed the way things moved so quickly – such is what you expect from the genre – however, I feel as though things moved too quickly. What I mean is that certain events weren’t quite given the attention they could have been. I feel as though more time needed to be focused upon how things played out, allowing us to form a real connection with the people and the events. If more attention was given to such things, then reactions would have been more emotional and events would have held a better shock value.

In part, I feel as though attention was put upon the wrong things. We knew so many details about our protagonist’s business life that when we came to the thriller aspects of the story, we weren’t quite given the same level of attention – thus, I felt as though I was more attached to the wrong parts of the story. Yes, the business life was related to the thriller aspects; however, the whole ‘revenge’ aspect of the story seemed to be glossed over far too quickly. I wanted to be dragged deeper into that aspect of the story, I wanted it to be given more attention.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun. It just didn’t have the impact it could have. There really was such potential with this one, but it missed out in a few ways. We have questions throughout pertaining to many aspects of the story, and these details are all held out until the end. We have characters we cannot trust, and we’re second guessing many acts. We have unexpected reveals, making for interesting twists. As a whole, there were many thriller aspects to be seen, but none were quite as powerful as they could have been. These mysterious aspects and the twists were all enjoyable, but they fell somewhat flat. Truthfully, I feel as though this is due to how short the story was. Had it been longer, things could have been given the attention they deserved.

All in all, I had a bit of an up and down with this one. Certain parts of the story really pulled me in, whereas other parts of the story didn’t hold my attention to the degree I had hoped they would. I feel as though the author could deliver a wonderful thriller, but this wasn’t quite up to the standard that I like for my thrillers.

Overall, it’s a fun quick read if you’re looking for something that doesn’t quite have the depth of the usual thrillers. A very light thriller, if you will.

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