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Monday, 27 February 2017

Review: Melancholy Ghost

Melancholy Ghost Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Melancholy Spirit is the second book in the Spirit Chasers series – and, in all honesty, I enjoyed it more than the first.

Whilst a much quicker read than the first book, Melancholy Spirit seems to hit a much harder punch than the first book. I’m not quite sure what specific aspect of the story is to blame for this, but I’m going to go ahead and explain all the wonderful aspects that I feel contributed to this being the case.

First, I’ll start with the new ghost lore. In Melancholy Spirit we’re introduced to some new and original ghost lore, and I positively loved this. I’m not going to say what the lore is – because, as always spoilers, even when the information is given at the start of the story – but it certainly adds a unique twist to this series. I’m hoping we get to find out even more about this new aspects of the story in the future books, as it’s certainly left me curious as to the specific details. Is this new lore impossible to fix? Is there any hope when such a thing happens? Whilst there are events that suggest answers, I feel as though there is still hope.

Second, we have the developments of the characters. I really enjoyed our cast in the first book, and I feel as though there was real development for some of them in this book. I would have liked to see more of some of the characters – but those who the central story surrounded really grew. Considering the twist at the end of the last book, it was unclear just how things would play out, and I really liked watching the way the events lead to the development of certain characters.

Third, linking back to my above statement, is the events within this book. As with the first book, a lot of focus was upon the individual characters and how their stories progressed rather than upon the individual hauntings. As with the first book, there was ample attention played to the hauntings – with the hauntings being linked to the overall story and our knowledge of the world – but most attention was upon taking our main characters to new stages in their lives. We get to see how the ending of book one impacted everyone; we get to see the way certain characters come together; we get to see the way people deal. I was expecting a little bit more by the way of emotional moments, but the way the characters came together was wonderful once again.

Whilst those three are the largest aspects combining to make a wonderful story, there were also smaller things that left me completely in love with the book – and the series.

Even though I gave the first book a four star rating, it wasn’t quite a solid four star read. It was close enough that I needed to round up – there was no other choice, as it was so close – but it still wasn’t quite there. This second book, though, was a solid four star rating. No ifs or buts about it, just a solid four star read. It took everything I enjoyed about the first book and amplified it.

The interactions of the characters. The slowly developing world. The gripping tale. The wonderful pace. The addictive story.

This book really is made up of the little things coming together so nicely, adding an entirely new level to the world introduced to us in book one. I really could go on and on about the small details, but I fear doing so will leave me giving spoilers. Spoilers is the last thing anyone needs – so I’ll hush up now.

Just know this is a wonderful second book. If you enjoyed the first them I’m positive you’ll have a lot of fun with this one. It’s a quick read, but it adds so much to the overall story.

Not to mention the ending. Once again, it left us with questions. I cannot wait to see what comes next in the story. It really could go in so many different ways, and I’m super excited to see what the author decides to do.

Am I excited to get my hands on the next book? I sure am!

Honestly, if you’re a fan of the paranormal, of psychics and ghosts, I certainly recommend picking up this series. It’s all kind of addictive and fun.

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  1. So happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for reviewing it. I am working on book 3.

    1. Awesome: I cannot wait to get my hands on it! ;D