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Monday, 20 February 2017

Review: Dark Hope

Dark Hope Dark Hope by Monica McGurk
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dark Hope is more of a two-point-five read for me, yet in the end I found I couldn’t round it up. Whilst there were moments where I thought I would be rounding it up, as a whole the book wasn’t quite good enough for me to make the final push.

The book had promise I cannot deny that. I love books with angels; they’re one of my biggest weaknesses, meaning I was super interested to see what this one would give me. Unfortunately, I believe I’ve read far too many wonderful angel books, and have therefore been ruined. My standard has massively increased, and I expect something more. I want to be blown away by angel reads, but this one left me with a feeling of ‘meh’.

The premise was wonderful, and the start of the book left me with so many questions. However, as we started to make our way through the story I found there was less and less keeping me interested. There were so many unknowns that seemed to be answered a couple of pages later in a way that left you thinking things couldn’t have been the big surprise they were supposed to be; not long later the information would be shifted slightly so that we had some mystery again. The characters seemed to be rather all over the place; I went from being interested in them to finding them super boring, they’d go from being wise to making stupid choices.

My biggest issue, however, was the romance. I’m very picky with my romance – I’ll admit that in advance. However, I just couldn’t get into this one. There was no feeling at all. It just was. It seemed to be there to add a layer to the story. That layer really could have been done without. The story probably would have been much better if we were without the romance. It seemed to slowly take over the story, and it pulled us away from the aspects that did have potential.

Overall, it wasn’t at all what I had been expecting. My fingers were crossed for another angel addiction, but such was not to be with this one.

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