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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Review: Agent 21: Codebreaker

Agent 21: Codebreaker Agent 21: Codebreaker by Chris Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Agent 21: Codebreaker is the third book in Chris Ryan’s Agent 21 series, and as with the first two books I found it to be an enjoyable quick read. In fact, this third book is easily my favourite of the first three books. If I’m being completely honest, I came extremely close to handing this one a four-star rating. It’s more a reflection of my recent reading mood than anything that had me rounding this strong three-point-five-star rating down.

Agent 21: Codebreaker follows the first two books in that it is an action-packed story, one which will have you turning the pages at a rapid pace. There is plenty to hold your attention, in regards to both the characters and the thriller aspects, yet there was something extra with this book to make it shine brighter than the two prior stories.

For me, this was the storyline. Following the ending of Agent 21: Reloaded, I expected to be thrown into more action regarding the underlying storyline that came about through the conclusion of events in book one. What we’re given is a story that takes a step away from what I expected. At first I was a wee bit unsure, fearful this was going to be a filler book, yet the storyline kept me hooked throughout. There was more to this one than the prior books, and it guaranteed I was more than willing to see how everything played out.

What stopped me from rounding up was how predictable some of the events where. As I’ve said with the prior books, however, this is a reflection of my views towards young adult thrillers rather than a reflection of the story itself. Had I been in a better reading mood, this one probably would have done enough to get that four-star rating from me.

Overall, Agent 21: Codebreaker is a strong addition to the Agent 21 series, one that will leave you curious as to where the story will go from here.

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