Thursday, 31 May 2018

Review: Dragon School: Prince of Dragons

Dragon School: Prince of Dragons Dragon School: Prince of Dragons by Sarah K.L. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By this point in Sarah K.L. Wilson’s Dragon School series my addiction is obvious. I may not be the biggest lover of serial series, but any series with dragons in is sure to win me over. Thus, I continue to dive in, desperately needing answers of how things are going to come together.

Dragon School: First Flight, book one, sucked me completely into the world – it was so much more than I’d expected, and I couldn’t wait to get more. Dragon School: Initiate, book two, sucked me in even deeper – it showed me there was more to the story than I’d originally thought, ensuring I would pick up the next. Dragon School: The Dark Prince, book three, was a very important book in the series – it may not have been my favourite book, but it was vital to the overall story. Dragon School: The Ruby Isles, book four, continues to move things forward in a wonderful way – it may not be my favourite of the stories, but it is another important addition. Dragon School: Sword, book five, was another brilliant read, adding more to the series – it was also the book that reminded me why I was following the series in the first place, pulling me back in after a short hiatus. Dragon School: Dusk Covenant, book six, added plenty of new twists – more than enough to ensure I remained ensnared with the story. Dragon School: First Message, book seven, brought even more to the table – more was added to the storyline, plenty of things leaving me curious as to what would come next. Dragon School: Warring Promises, book eight, left on a serious cliff-hanger – all of the books leave on a cliff-hanger, but this was probably the biggest of them all.

Therefore, I was more than happy to dive into book nine. As with the prior books, Dragon School: Prince of Dragons, was an enjoyable quick read that left me desperate for more. I will be honest and say this is probably my least favourite of the series thus far – in fact, I was feeling generous and rounded this rating up from a three-point-five-star rating – but it did continue to add some goodies to the series. As ever, we were given new information, mystery, action, great characters, and an ending that leaves us more than willing to dive into what comes next.

I think the reason I enjoyed this one less than I have enjoyed the prior books is because of the romance element. It wasn’t in your face, but it was much more obvious than it has been in the other books. I’m really not shipping it, sadly, and I felt as though it pulled away from the other fun stuff that was going on. Sure, plenty happened, but I felt as though the events in this one were not as explosive as things that have occurred in the prior books. I enjoyed things, yes, but I was not blown away by things and had hoped for much more considering how the prior book ended.

Nevertheless, I continue to be excited by this series and cannot wait to dive into the tenth book.

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