Monday, 28 May 2018

Review: Sext Me

Sext Me Sext Me by Cassandra Dee
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Despite the insane number of books I own – both physical (I own enough that it is no longer a case of overflowing bookshelves, it’s now a fortress of books for my lizard to protect in such a manner that the ‘dragon’ part of bearded dragon is fulfilled) and digital (I repeatedly have to clear my Kindle to fit on my new downloads, even though I never seem to get through the last batch from the prior reset) – I regularly find myself browsing Amazon for more reads. When this happens, I always seem to come away with a list of books I plan to purchase the next time I have an Amazon gift card. Sext Me is the result of one such time on Amazon.

Being a big fan of stories filled with ex-cons (and those where there is no ‘ex’), I instantly found myself drawn to this one and the possibilities. I went in expecting a fun read, with all sorts of scenarios playing out in my mind, only to be rather disappointed by what I was given.

In other words, this was a surprising read. The bad kind of surprise. I expected a book that would suck me in, yet I found myself flickering through the pages not to get answers but to reach the end. Rather than being given a book that could bring about feelings, as ex-con books generally do, this one only left me with awkward feelings. The story didn’t entertain me, I didn’t like the characters, and the writing style was not something I enjoyed (see aforementioned awkward feelings). The only consolation is that I have read worse, and this one just managed to avoid being the dreaded one-star rating.

All in all, this was not what I had been hoping for.

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