Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Review: The Candidates

The Candidates The Candidates by Emilia Zeeland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After reading The Unsound Theory, the first book in Emilia Zeeland’s STAR Academy series, I could not wait until I got more of the universe. With book two, The Truth Hunters, just around the corner, I decided I would throw myself back into the world through reading the prequel short story.

You do not need to read The Candidates to understand the STAR Academy world, but for those who enjoyed the first book, this is a nice little addition to the series. It gives us a nice little introduction to the events before The Unsound Theory, allowing us to see more of some of the characters we got to know, allowing us to know some more of the details that came to light throughout The Unsound Theory.

I’m not the biggest lover of these short stories – the single chapter, can be completed in under half hour reads – but when done right they are certainly worth the read. The Candidates is certainly done right, giving us that little bit more, making it the perfect read to put me back into the world prior to my journey back into the universe.

If you enjoy the STAR Academy universe, I’d certainly recommend grabbing this quick read.

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