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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Review: Dragon School: Sworn

Dragon School: Sworn Dragon School: Sworn by Sarah K.L. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve never been a big fan of serial stories, much preferring one big chucky book I can devour over the course of a couple of hours, yet when I started the Dragon School series I told myself I would be sticking with it. Unfortunately, I slipped off the wagon for a while. I managed books one through four, then slipped. A couple of months passed, but I finally made myself go back and jump into the story again. After all, I was enjoying it so much and I need to see how these things came together.

I will be honest and say going so long between the stories left me a little bit confused at first, unsure if I was remembering details correctly. This is very much a series where you get the best enjoyment through reading them as they’re released – or waiting until there are multiple stories to read and devouring them back to back. Fortunately, my confusion lasted a very short time period – it wasn’t long before I was sucked back into the story.

Each instalment of the Dragon School series brings us new information, sucking us ever deeper into the world. In Dragon School: Sworn, the world expands in the most wonderful of ways. Obviously I’m not going to give details, just know it opens up plenty more possibilities for the future of the series. The details that come to light promise lots of fun in the future, and you’ll be rapidly turning the pages to receive all the details.

Having been reminded how fun this series is, I plan not to fall off the wagon again. In fact, upon finish Dragon School: Sworn, I jumped straight into the sixth instalment, then the seventh, and then the eighth, desperate to get up to date.

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