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Review: Dragon School: Warring Promises

Dragon School: Warring Promises Dragon School: Warring Promises by Sarah K.L. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By this point in Sarah K.L. Wilson’s Dragon School series I’m starting to question whether I should start giving other serial series a try. Then I remember none have hooked me as tightly as this. Thus, I continue to power through these reads, desperate to see what comes next.

Dragon School: First Flight, book one, sucked me completely into the world – it was so much more than I’d expected, and I couldn’t wait to get more. Dragon School: Initiate, book two, sucked me in even deeper – it showed me there was more to the story than I’d originally thought, ensuring I would pick up the next. Dragon School: The Dark Prince, book three, was a very important book in the series – it may not have been my favourite book, but it was vital to the overall story. Dragon School: The Ruby Isles, book four, continues to move things forward in a wonderful way – it may not be my favourite of the stories, but it is another important addition. Dragon School: Sword, book five, was another brilliant read, adding more to the series – it was also the book that reminded me why I was following the series in the first place, pulling me back in after a short hiatus. Dragon School: Dusk Covenant, book six, added plenty of new twists – more than enough to ensure I remained ensnared with the story. Dragon School: First Message, book seven, brought even more to the table – more was added to the storyline, plenty of things leaving me curious as to what would come next.

As with the prior books, Dragon School: Warring Promises was a wonderful quick read that had me turning the pages and left me desperate for more. It had all the usual fun of a Dragon School read – action, new information, mysteries, and great characters – yet it was the ending that hit the hardest with this one.

The endings of the Dragon School books always leave you excited for more, but this one did so in the biggest of ways. Honestly, that ending – I cannot begin to explain how excited it left me. I have so many questions, there are so many things I cannot wait to see, and I’m so excited for more. Without a doubt, my favourite ending of the series thus far.

In fact, the ending was enough to make me forget about how I’m not really feeling the romance element that is slowly growing throughout this series. When the romance was first introduced, I was all for it. As things have progressed, my feelings have diminished rather than grew. I’m hoping this will change, though.

Overall, this was another wonderful addition to the series. Bring on number nine!

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