Friday, 3 August 2018

Review: Everything Under The Sun

Everything Under The Sun Everything Under The Sun by Jessica Redmerski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As someone who powers through books at an alarming rate (most alarming to my bank balance, that is), I love a good long book, a book where I can get lost for a few hours – even days. Therefore, I was more than willing to dive into Jessica Redmerski’s Everything Under The Sun. The book sounded like something I would love, and the promise of a lengthy book to keep me interested for a decent amount of time ensured I was more than willing to dive into the story.

From the very start of this one, I was sucked deep into the story and found it hard to put down. I usually prefer to take my time with longer books, making an exception to my speedy devouring of books, but sometimes it is not possible – such was the case with Everything Under The Sun. Once I started this one, I found I was lost to all the events that were going on. There was so much to this story, so many things I wished to see come together. Even in those moments where I did manage to put the book down, moments that were few and far between, I found myself thinking about what was going on, curious as to what comes next. There is no other way to describe this book other than it consumes you: Everything Under The Sun consumes you in the best way possible, ensuring you’re addicted from the first to the last page.

With such a long book, there was plenty that occurred throughout. In fact, this book had a crazy amount to it. It is also one of those books where it is difficult to give examples without offering up spoilers. With so many elements being beautifully interwoven in this one, I’m scared of pointing out any of the elements I liked for fear of spoiling the surprises that are to come. Therefore, I will not give specifics. Just know, this book deals with numerous topics. It may be a dystopian romance novel, but it deals with more than just the end of the world and finding love. There are plenty of other heavy aspects dealt with throughout, and everything sucks you in deep. There is so much to love with this one, so much to experience, and everything will leave you desperately turning the pages to see how they will connect and what will come next.

I will admit there were some parts of the story that seemed to drag a bit, some parts where things did not seem to be moving forward much. However, these parts were not enough to ruin the story. If anything, they only made me enjoy the heavier parts of the story all the more. With so much going on, with so many stories occurring within the one big story, things could have moved a lot slower, meaning I was more than capable of dealing with those moments where the pacing did seem to drop.

I think the only thing that really disappointed me was the ending. That is not to say it is a bad ending – far from it. I’m simply upset that I was unaware of this being the first book in a series. I thought this was one self-contained story, but it isn’t. We end on a serious cliff-hanger, and I wish I’d known that in advance. I’m no stranger to cliff-hangers, I have no issues with them, I simply prefer to read cliff-hanger endings when I have information of when the next book is out. As it stands, there is to be a book two in this story, and I have no idea when it will be released. That is what disappoints me – the not knowing when book two will be out, so I can get lost in the world once again.

Of course, by the time book two comes out I will be over my disappointment. I’ll simply be happy with the knowledge I can dive into the second book and will do so without a thought. I need to see what comes next, and I’m more than a little bit eager to do so – in fact, I’m rather desperate to dive into the second book.

Without a doubt, Everything Under The Sun was a book that sucked me in deep and refused to let go. It’s a story that will stick with me for quite some time, and I’m more than willing to grab the second book as soon as the chance arrives.

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