Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Review: Crocotta's Hackles

Crocotta's Hackles Crocotta's Hackles by Katharine E. Wibell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crocotta’s Hackles is the third book in Katharine E. Wibell’s addictive Incarn Saga, and as with the two prior books, I was hooked. Throughout Issaura’s Claws and Ullr’s Fangs I was gripped, and the same is true for Crocotta’s Hackles, ensuring the series kept me on my toes throughout.

A lot happens in Crocotta’s Hackles, with the story taking unexpected turns. Although I did not love every moment of it – the romance side of the story developed into something I’m not crazy about, even though it was important to the story – everything had me hooked. There were so many new elements introduced, adding details to the world that left me more in love with it than I’d anticipated.

We get to see more of characters we already love, we get to find out more about characters we were curious about, we get to see more of the world, we come to understand the mythology better, and there is action to keep you hooked. At first, things were a little bit slow going, but everything was vital to the story.

Without a doubt, Crocotta’s Hackles was a great addition to the Incarn Saga. I was hooked and jumped right into Giahem’s Talons to see how everything ends.

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