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Monday, 7 May 2018

Review: Tie Me Down

Tie Me Down Tie Me Down by Michelle Hazen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tie Me Down is book two-point-five in Michelle Hazen’s Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll series. To understand this one, you need to have read Playing the Pauses. Playing the Pauses, the second book works perfectly fine as a standalone novel, should you wish to address it as such. Tie Me Down is a continuation of the story, an answer to the ‘what came next’ question we all have upon finishing a romance novel. It is not a necessity to read this story if you have read Playing the Pausing, but it is a nice little addition to give us something more of the world.

For me, I was somewhat uncertain about Playing the Pauses. It was one of those books that I enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as I had anticipated. I gave it a four-star rating, but in truth it was more of a three-point-five-star rating rounded up. Nevertheless, I was interested in finding out more about the characters and their lives. I may not have been completely won over by Playing the Pauses, but there was enough to leave me curious for more. Hence my willingness to dive into Tie Me Down.

Although I did find Tie Me Down to be a fun additional story, something you can quickly read through to get that something more you want, it wasn’t a story I was crazy about. It was nice to see the characters again, it was nice to see what came next, but I wasn’t sucked into it. In all honesty, I could have got by without reading this one. I didn’t dislike it, yet I wasn’t completely won over either. It was an okay read, just a bit more knowledge about the characters and their lives.

Part of this may be a reflection of my feelings towards short stories. I have a love-hate relationship with them. If I’m going to be won over by them, it takes a lot – and this rarely happens. In the grand scheme of my feelings towards short stories, this was a decent read – middle ground in terms of rating. I may not have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the full-length novel in the series, yet as this often happens with me it is not enough to put me off reading the other books in the series.

Overall, this was a nice little addition to find out more about the characters but it was not a story I was crazy about.

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