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Review: Avalon Wishes

Avalon Wishes Avalon Wishes by Alexa Whitewolf
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With The Avalon Chronicles, Alexa Whitewolf has given us an Arthurian tale with a twist. In the first book, Avalon Dreams, we were introduced to characters other than those you would expect to follow in an Arthurian tale. The known characters are present, but we do not follow them closely in the way you would normally expect. With Avalon Wishes, we go back in time and get to see the expected story of Arthur.

I’m going to be honest and admit to having a hard time deciding upon a rating for this one. It was a solid three-point-five-star read, and I debated whether I would round up or down. It was personal preference, a small pet peeve (that I will explain later in the review), that had me rounding down. Despite rounding my rating down, I did enjoy what this second book in the series gave us.

With Avalon Wishes we get the history for side characters, finding out how their stories play into the larger story told in Avalon Dreams. Through these stories being told, the world grows much bigger. From gods to fae, we get to see so much more than we were given in Avalon Dreams – which is something, when you consider how much Avalon Dreams gave us.

Split into three parts, we get to watch the stories develop and intertwine across time. You’ll fall deeper for some characters, you’ll grow to hate some characters, and you’ll be hoping for more stories about certain characters. It’s a very character driven story, filling in blanks and giving us more of the world.

My pet peeve, the reason I rounded down, is in relation to how this one plays in with the storyline we already know. We get to see events from the first book again, but I feel there wasn’t quite as much added to it as I would have liked. The fact I read the books so closely together made it feel as though I was re-reading the same segments. Although it was important to see these elements again, I would have preferred to see them from a new point of view or to have them kept to the periphery. That’s very much personal preference though and was not enough to deter from the story. I remained hooked throughout, and happily devoured the story.

I’m now desperate to dive into Avalon Nightmares to see how everything comes together in the end. There is so much I’m eager to see more of and have high hopes for the ending.

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