Saturday, 6 July 2019

Review: The Fate of a Highland Rake

The Fate of a Highland Rake The Fate of a Highland Rake by Tammy Andresen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Fate of a Highland Rake is the final book in Tammy Andresen’s Brethren of Stone series, along with being a story in the Fortunes of Fate series. Despite being a part of two series, it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel, as all Tammy Andresen stories do.

As much as I love Tammy Andresen’s stories – she’s a guilty pleasure read, offering up quick historical romances I’m happy to devour – I was a wee bit tentative about this one. The Brethren of Stone series was based around the death of the lead character in this one, and as happy as many fans were to find out he was still alive, I was one of those people that was unsure about it. It allowed for another nice little story, but a part of me was overanalysing the timeline and events to doublecheck everything.

My need to assess everything aside, fans of the Brethren of Stone series will want to read this little extra. It’s a very quick read, one that can be completed faster than the usual Tammy Andresen read, providing a quick little conclusion to the series. It wasn’t my favourite in the series, as there wasn’t the level of drama as was found in the other books, but it’s a great way to conclude the series.

It’s certainly worth reading for those wanting to close off the Brethren of Stone series.

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