Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Review: Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper

Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper by Roxanne Rue
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper introduces us to Roxanne Rue’s serial series, setting things off with a story that will leave you desperate for more. This first book provides us with so much, giving us ideas of where things could go whilst leaving us clueless as to how everything will play out. It’s a great introduction to a serial that has me desperate to dive into more.

In truth, my rating of this one is a three-point-five-star rating. I had a big debate as to whether I would round this one up or down, and, in the end, I opted with down. This mostly reflects how harsh I am when it comes to rating books. Moreover, I’m positive the future releases in this series will be capable of pulling higher ratings out of me.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m extra harsh with my ratings of serial releases. I’m a lover of tomes, where I can sit and read an entire story in one. I do occasional read serial releases, but not often. I prefer it when they’re all released, allowing me to devour the story back-to-back, preventing me impatience from getting the best of me. When a serial sounds good, however, I’m willing to make an exception – as I was with this.

I’m glad I did. Although it wasn’t as steamy as I’d expected, this book set up the story extremely well. I really enjoyed the characters (I was wearing a stupid smile at many of the comments made), I adored the storyline that unfolded (there were many elements to it, and all aspects grabbed me), and the ending left me desperate for more (I would have been curious without the cliff-hanger, but the cliff-hanger has me in dire need of the next part of the story).

The reason I rounded down was because this one was very much an introduction point. It was great, it was necessary, but it ended just as things really got moving. I would have liked a wee bit more before it ended, but as it was that’s just me being picky. I know when I dive into the second part of the story, I’m going to get that action I’m desperate for.

Without a doubt, Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper has me curious about this serial.

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