Thursday, 25 July 2019

Review: Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son Like Father Like Son by Leigh Lennon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like many, I love a good taboo romance. Like Father Like Son sounded like the perfect taboo romance to be filled with heartbreak and angst. Thus, I was eager to dive into this one. I’ve enjoyed most of Leigh Lennon’s prior books, and I had high hopes this would be another one I would love.

Although I enjoyed this one, it wasn’t quite all I had hoped it would be. I never really felt the romance between the two characters. There were countless references to the forbidden nature of the feelings they had for each other, but I never really felt those feelings. I’m hoping we’ll dig deeper into them in the next book, as there is a lot of potential once those feelings are felt.

Despite not feeling the romantic connection between the main characters, there were other emotions to be felt. There is no denying this book deals with the heartbreak and angst I’d expected, sucking you into the story. I confess, the ending felt like it came out of nowhere, but the other events in the book certainly work to pull at your emotions.

Although Like Father Like Son wasn’t quite all I’d hoped it would be, I am eager to see what the second book in the Father/Son duet brings. I’m a wee bit worried the events at the end will result in a cliched twist, but a larger part of me has faith in Leigh Lennon surprising me.

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