Friday, 5 July 2019

Review: The Laird's Right-Hand Lady

The Laird's Right-Hand Lady The Laird's Right-Hand Lady by Catherine E. Chapman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Catherine E. Chapman’s The Laird’s Right-Hand Lady is one of those books where deciding upon a final rating was difficult. It’s a solid three-point-five-star rating, and I had a huge debate as to whether I rounded this rating up or down. In the end, I opted with down, but mostly because I’m very picky with my reads. There’s no doubt this is a fun little read, a perfect read for anyone wanting a quick story, but personal preference had me deciding to round my rating down.

With The Laird’s Right-Hand Lady we have a favourite trope: the boss romance. It’s a favourite for a reason, done so often because people adore such stories. Add in the setting of Scotland, and people are even more attracted because the accent does something wonderful to us. Thus, I was eager for this one.

From the start, I was pulled into the story. It hooked me quickly and I was unable to put it down. I enjoyed the characters and there was plenty in the story to keep me turning the pages, leaving me with a smile on my face at regular points. However, this book included something I’m not crazy about. It’s a case of instalove. I know a lot of people really enjoy instalove, but it’s something I’m not crazy about. I much prefer a slow burn to the instant attraction, and I feel like a lot of the choices made in this one were made without the characters having enough knowledge.

As I said, however, that’s just personal preference. It’s why I rounded down instead of up, but I know plenty of people will go the other way. It’s a well-written story with all the necessary romance drama included, ensuring readers will power through the book in no time at all.

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